Want to sell stuff online? Here are 7 SA services that can help

Cash-register The South African ecommerce landscape is at an exciting stage where both big players like Takealot and niche ones like League of Beers are gearing up for what is hoped to be a mass adoption by the South African consumer market. Each online shop is trying to get a piece of the pie while the space is relatively fresh. Not to sound too much like Uncle Sam, but you can get in on the action and help the industry grow ...

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Online booking startup ClickBus gets $10-million in funding

clcickbus Online booking startup ClickBus has announced that it's just received US$10-million from Latin America Internet Group, Tengelmann Ventures, Holtzbrinck Ventures and Rocket Internet. The company will now use the funds to further strengthen its existing markets. Fernando Prado, Global co-CEO and co-founder of ClickBus shares his vision of revolutionising the bus industries in emerging markets: “The company’s objective is to empower the bus travelling industry across the globe by migrating to the online world an industry used to offline sales. By ...

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Tech4Africa speaker Andy Hadfield: ‘Like it or not, failure is a part of startup culture’

Tech4Africa Tech4Africa is coming to Cape Town, South Africa for the first time since it started as an annual fixture four years ago. The event will consist of workshops, networking and keynote speakers which aims to impart knowledge, perspective, African context and inspiration. Two exciting speakers set to take the stage are entrepreneurs Andy Hadfield and Gareth Knight, both on the topic of startup failure in South Africa. Hadfield says they're on a mission to change the stigma the South ...


5 handy collaboration tools your startup team can use to be more efficient

kids-soccer-collaborate-team Any startup using email as their primary mode of communication when it comes to managing projects should understand that it takes an unnecessary amount of time and energy. Web-based tools geared for project and team management offer a smooth way to kickstart your communications and keep you going without missing any important messages. In this post, I’ve listed some of the top web-based collaboration software that can save you from the terror that is a cluttered inbox. Let’s have a ...

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Praekelt, SA Department of Health officially launch MomConnect service

MomConnect1 The Praekelt Foundation, alongside Jembi Health Systems and the South African Department of Health has today launched a pioneering initiative providing mothers with pre- and postnatal care. Using the ubiquity of the mobile phone and the transformative potential of technology, MomConnect will help guide and streamline arguably the most stressful period in a woman's life -- pregnancy. The service will use Jembi's health information systems and run on Praekelt's open-source cloud platform, Vumi -- previously used to bring Wikipedia to Kenya back ...


Takealot confirms 100% Superbalist acquisition

Superbalist acquisition Yesterday we asked if South African ecommerce giant Takealot was on the verge of buying out curated design outfit Superbalist. The answer, as it turns out, is a very firm yes. Told you so. Takealot today confirmed that it has acquired a 100% stake in Superbalist. According to an official release issued by Takealot, the buyout is aimed at broadening its appeal among millenials. “We are super excited about the acquisition," said Takealot CEO Kim Reid. "The millennial generation is deemed to be ...

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Ghanian mobile messaging provider Saya acquired by US Kirusa

Saya Emerging market, US mobile service company Kirusa recently announced the acquisition of Saya, a Ghana-based mobile messaging app company focusing on the African market. In an official statement, Kirusa notes that it's now in charge of Saya's technology, intellectual property, and workforce. With a focus on high-growth markets in from Southeast Asia to Sub-Saharan Africa, Saya's been responsible for cheap mobile messaging to people who do not have smartphones in emerging economies. While used in over 35 countries worldwide, Saya’s ...

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Is Takealot on the verge of buying out Superbalist?

Superbalist Superbalist, the design-focused ecommerce store formerly known as Citymob, is on the verge of being bought out by South African ecommerce giant Takealot. At least that's according to multiple reliable sources with close ties to the players involved. Takealot CEO Kim Reid refused to comment on whether or not an acquisition was taking place. If an acquisition is in the works, it would mean that Reid and the Takealot board have had a serious change of heart since news broke ...


Are there lessons for startups in the demise of African Bank?

African Bank In times of distress, institutions have curators to look after them, but people don’t. This is perhaps the biggest lesson for consumers from the African Bank debacle. It’s a tough lesson, but learn it well. African Bank Investments Limited, or ABIL, built a client-base of 3.2 million people, but is now under curatorship and faces huge losses. The management team, quite simply, lent too much money to too many customers who didn’t pay back their loans. The authorities will presumably come up ...

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She Leads Africa announces top 10 young women entrepreneurs

She-Leads-Africa-finalists In June this year, She Lead Africa launched with the goal to empower tech-savvy women active in the continent’s entrepreneurial tech scene. The initiative has now announced its top 10 finalists for its 2014 Entrepreneur Showcase. Selected from 380 applications from more than 27 countries, these young entrepreneurs represent some of the best young female entrepreneurs across the continent. On 20 September in Lagos, the finalists will pitch their companies to a panel of esteemed business leaders and investors from leading ...