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Lagos StartupWeek hopes to become ‘next big thing’ in Africa’s tech ecosystem

lagos-startup-week Lagos is fast becoming a startup powerhouse in Africa. It’s not only the second fastest growing city in Africa, but the seventh internationally. In the past year the city launched car ordering service Uber, CcHub announced three new incubator companies, and a continent-wide logistics program from two of its largest ecommerce stores, among other things. The city will soon be host to Lagos StartupWeek, an event geared towards entrepreneurs and business owners not only in Lagos, but all over Africa. The ...

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Kenya’s million dollar bitcoin startup BitPesa expands to Tanzania

mobile_africa Kenyan bitcoin startup BitPesa is expanding to neighbouring Tanzania about a year after it launched its mobile-friendly digital currency exchange. Since then, the innovative company has raised a total of US$1.8-million from international investors and is slowly but surely expanding across Africa with other emerging markets in its sights as well. Company CEO Elizabeth Rossiello recently spoke at the Bitcoin Africa Conference in Cape Town where she highlighted the real need bitcoin technology can address in the continent's financial services ...

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PwC Vision to Reality 2015 is looking for SA’s top up-and-coming companies

PwC PwC Vision to Reality competition is gearing up for its second programme to help find and promote South Africa's top 10 up-and-coming companies that are tech-enabled. Last year, mobile transacting startup WiGroup walked away as South Africa's top company in the industry. Online security startup Entersekt got second place while animation studio Triggerfish received third prize. Other notable companies in the top 10 were GoMetro, Euphoria Telecom and Mellowcabs. Similar to last year's Vision to Reality competition, the top 10 up-and-coming companies ...


Is the office out of fashion? New survey suggests it might be

Article header NEW Whether it’s to save on costs, or just to avoid the pain of having to go into an office, it seems that South African entrepreneurs have a thing for working from home. In fact, if preliminary findings from the 2015 Ventureburn Startup Survey are anything to go by, then home is the number one choice when it comes to workspaces for fledgling tech companies. This finding is in line with the history of some of the world’s most successful startups, some ...

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Raru director Waine Smith weighs in on South Africa’s ecommerce industry

Shopping Trolley Since its launch last year, Raru has become a go-to name in the South African ecommerce market. Headed up by ex-founders of Take2, they have put their knowledge to use and grown the new store into one of the largest in South Africa. On Thursday, Ventureburn sat down with the director of Raru, Waine Smith. We spoke about Raru’s growth and success, his take (excuse the take puns) on the Takealot & Kalahari merger, and where the South African ecommerce industry in heading ...

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Shopstar celebrates anniversary with over 2600 online stores registered

shopstar South African ecommerce builder Shopstar is celebrating its second birthday. Since launching in May 2013, the company has achieved a variety of impressive milestones. Apart from being chosen as one of VC firm Knife Capital's accelerated startups for Grindstone 2015, Shopstar today boasts over 2 600 clients, with a combined revenue of R10-million last year. These range from big creative brands to small design startups. "At Shopstar our focus is not to just blindly develop technology. As our client base grows we ...


African online sellers to get logistics upgrade, more jobs

african-online-sellers-to-get-better-infrastructure-and-more-jobs This week, Nigeria’s two largest marketplaces, Jumia and Kaymu, announced a fulfillment and delivery platform joint initiative for Africa. Their goal is to provide online sellers in Africa with a system to deliver their products and create jobs. The joint initiative is called Africa Internet Group (AIG) Express. AIG itself provides easy-to-use services and solutions across the African internet market and are part of Africa's startup ecosystem. Indrek Heinloo, who is leading the initiative, says a larger delivery network needs to be ...

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SME management startup Magnetic partners with global distributor after R15m valuation

Dan-Profile Cape Town, South African-based online business management platform Magnetic is partnering up with Australian digital marketing company Titan Digital. The distribution deal would enable the startup to expand its reach to agencies and SME's across Australia, New Zealand, and the UK and comes, after Magnetic just raised a second round of funding in January worth R15-million. Magnetic started up in 2012 on a bold mission to corner South Africa’s B2B space with its all-in-one online management platform. The product on offer ...

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5 social media pitfalls that SMEs should avoid [sponsored]

social-media-garden Social media is a powerful tool for the small business owner. It can help you to build customer relationships, improve your search engine optimisation, and create a buzz about your business. Yet unwary small businesses can harm their businesses more than they help them if they don't have a strategy about how they will manage their social media accounts and their social conversations with customers. Here are a few mistakes that SMEs should avoid as they roll out their social media ...


InstaLens: How SA’s Instagram acolyte is capturing global success

instaLens official Instagram is well known for its dedicated communities -- especially in cities such as Cape Town where designers, both local and tourists, take advantage of the popular photography app. From Saturday brunches at The Old Biscuit Mill to sundowners in the Winelands, you'll find the hashtags #CapeTown or #CT constantly trending locally, especially at dusk. Not only have these communities inspired amateur smartphone photographers to become popular online influencers, they've enabled companies like InstaLens to launch into international markets by selling ...