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These 3 SA startups are among the world’s most inspiring

Innovation Three South African tech startups have been listed as being among the world's most inspiring by Nominet Trust, a leading social venture funder. The 100-strong list, chosen by a steering committee which includes angel investor Sherry Coutu, Google Ventures Tom Hulme and Director of Wayra Europe, Simon Devonshire, aims to showcase how technology's transformative power is driving change around the world. The South African startups featured in the list are: MAMA: A service which texts antenatal and health information ...

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Ventureburn goes behind the scenes on SA Florist’s Dragons’ Den deal

SA Florist lead When it was announced that the international phenomenon that is Dragons' Den was coming to South Africa, I for one was sceptical about how much value it could really add to the country's entrepreneurial landscape. It is, after all, an entertainment show and its success depends on its ability to keep people watching. That said, it was always clear that there was intrinsic value for the entrepreneurs who did actually manage to get funding, if only because of the cash ...


Dragons’ Den SA episode 11: stop and smell the flowers

Dragons Den SA 11 As an entrepreneurial show, Dragons' Den SA is mostly there for the entertainment value. You only have to look at the similarities between the worst entrepreneurs who enter the den and the worst singers on other reality TV shows to realise that some people will never learn that they're not destined to be entrepreneurs, or singers for that matter. Once you get past that though, it is possible to take some value out of the show and learn important lessons ...

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8 factors to consider before you advertise your SME [SPONSORED]

Blank billboard on blue sky Advertising your small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) is not something you should just jump into. You work hard for your money and you need your advertising budget to work as hard for you as it can. So before you go ahead and start spending money, here are eight things to consider before you start advertising your SME. 1. What type of advertising is right for me? With so many platforms and channels at your disposal it is crucially important for you to ...


3 ways to go about hiring foreign skills for your SA startup

Passport stamps Even before I was involved in the tech entrepreneur scene in SA and before I ran an immigration and visa services firm, I noticed during my tech recruitment days that companies simply didn't understand how the work visa system in South Africa functioned. And because they didn't understand it, they were afraid of it. The plain truth is that it's very simple. Either you can hire that foreign skill, or you can't. But if you can, then there is no reason ...

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Opera Mediaworks acquires South Africa-based AdVine Mobile

AdVine logo Browser and mobile software company Opera Mediaworks (OMW) -- which is part of Opera Group -- is getting its foot into Africa's mobile ad space with the recent acquisition of Cape Town-based AdVine Mobile. The deal doesn't come entirely out of the blue as OMW and AdVine have a long-standing relationship, with the mobile ad company being responsible for monetising the Norwegian-based company's mobile-ads in the region. Other clients include mobile social network Mxit and the BBC. AdVine is now wholly owned ...

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$100m pan-African initiative to support 10k entrepreneurs across the continent

Foundatin logo Africa's startup landscape just got a lot more exciting. The Nigerian-based Tony Elumelu Foundation has just announced a US$100-million entrepreneurship programme that seeks to empower the next generation of African entrepreneurs across the continent. The multi-year programme, which is headed by Nigerian billionaire Tony Elumelu, aims to provide training, funding, and mentoring for local innovative business minds. Ten-thousand entrepreneurs, to be exact who are all expected to create over 10-billion jobs within the next 10 years. "Whether you’re in Lagos, Accra, Johannesburg, Nairobi ...


What lessons can SA’s ecommerce outlets learn from ‘Blackout Friday’?

candle-256520_1280 On Black Friday some of South Africa’s leading ecommerce platforms adopted the international holiday to run specials and boost sales. It's a pity they didn’t realise that to do so you need to follow international tech trends as well. The specials came out, the customers came and the technology failed. Ecommerce in South Africa blacked out and this time there was no Eskom to blame. Only bad practice and a lack of focus on what really runs your business — your tech ...

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Vouch wants to change the face of mobile advertising in SA

Vouch customer image South Africa's mobile space is becoming more and more exciting. With a growing middle class and cheaper hardware diversifying the market, the country should take a healthy slice of Africa's mobile ad market, which is expected to reach a massive US$1.3-billion by 2016. Whether this bulk of cash will be dominated by a few digital giants or by the many upcoming startups remains to be seen, however. In an attempt to get in on the action, South African mobile ad startup ...

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Balance the hype and potential with the reality on the ground [U-Start Africa]

UStart “Build a business not a product”, “build the right networks”, “think long term and exercise patience” and “be amazing while you do it” -- these words by Keet Van Zyl of Knife Capital and Rapelang Rabana of Rekindle Learning at the recent U-Start Africa conference summed up both the event and the entrepreneurial experience for me. Every successful entrepreneur that I have met in the last five years, has in their own way -- most times through trial and error -- ...