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EFL uses psychometrics to give entrepreneurs access to bank loans

EFL logo One of the greatest challenges for almost every entrepreneur worldwide is access to financing. There's a very logical reason for why this is the case: loans -- at least those from traditional institutions such as banks -- are given out based on a number of metrics such as credit rating, financial records, proof of income, collateral -- basically historical evidence as to whether someone has the ability to pay back a loan. But entrepreneurship, by its very nature -- building a new ...

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A ‘local’ perspective on SA’s online classified space

Mail In the more than 25 years that I have spent doing business, and more particularly in my time at Junk Mail, I have learnt that South Africans are not easily fooled when it comes to delivering on the promises you make as a service provider. I have learnt that no matter how much money you spend on advertising or marketing, if you can't deliver the product or service, it won't matter for very long. Because when the shine of something new ...

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Tuluntulu launches mobile streaming app to close Africa’s digital video divide

Tuluntulu Tuluntulu has recently released an app available for iOS and Android that gives mobile users access to online video. Ranging from international news to African documentaries, the app delivers ten 24/7 channels including Al Jazeera, ANN7, AfriDocs and Fleur TV. Apart from the content, what's meant to be Tuluntulu's hook is the fact that the content is cheap, fast and easy to access. The app is available for free and Tuluntulu hopes that content creators as well as advertisers will ...


8 lessons for your war (or startup) from Game of Thrones

GOT wallpaper-cersei-quote-800 Some of us have read the books and some of us are also watching the series. If you think about the warring factions of Westeros like we do -- as businesses -- it gets more interesting. While watching Episode Seven it occurred to me that the series holds many lessons for startups. They might be subtle, but they are there. We've come up with a list of Game of Thrones (GoT) pointers that we think your startup could benefit from. (Careful ...

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Get in the Ring: calling all startups keen for up to €1-million investment

Get-in-the-Ring Get in the Ring: The Investment Battle is startup pitches meets boxing. Except for the fact that there's no actual boxing involved. There is a ring, though, in which participants must battle it out to stand a chance of securing up to €1 000 000 (R15 000 000) in investments. Now, that's a lot of money, so competition will be tough with 2 000 participating startups hailing from 50 countries. This year, Get in the Ring (GITR) by Erasmus University ...


Business Confidence: what world-class accounting solutions mean for SA startups

business ipads Starting a business isn’t an endeavour one takes lightly. Entrepreneurs often have great ideas, but turning those ideas into viable businesses that generate revenue isn’t as simple as registering a domain name -- you need more than just a good idea, product or service -- you need the right team (especially in the early days), the right attitude, and, if you’re savvy, the right operational and financial fundamentals. Ideas that become products or services, a strong team and good attitude are ...


MTN acquires controlling stake in Afrihost but nothing changes says CEO

Afrihost Mobile operator MTN is really carving its way into telecoms dominance. According to an email sent to Afrihost users, the company has "agreed to join MTN" for an undisclosed amount. In the email, sent from Gian Visser CEO, Afrihost explains that the mobile juggernaut is acquiring "50% +1 of Afrihost's shares and the current shareholders are retaining the remaining 50%". This means that MTN group will have a controlling interest of the internet provider. Founded in 2000 as a Web hosting and ...


Takealot appoints Willem van Biljon new CTO and co-CEO

Willem van Biljon Things are getting very interesting at Takealot. Since announcing its US$100-million investment from Tiger Global and its mission to improve it technology Takealot seems to be putting its new dollars hard at work with the appointment of Willem van Biljon new CTO and co-CEO of the company. One of Africa's kickass entrepreneur, Van Biljon co-founded Mosaic Software, the creators of the Postilion payment system, and was one of the leaders that built Amazon’s EC2 cloud service and Nimbula. Van Biljon ...

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Online art gallery named winner of Lean Startup Machine Cape Town

Lean-Startup-Machine-Cape-Town-logo This weekend, at the first ever Lean Startup Machine Cape Town presented by ROI Media, we saw about 15 teams of young entrepreneurs pitch, plan, pivot, plan and, ultimately pitch their startup ideas again. Though the competition was incredibly impressive and tough, online marketplace for art, The Artery, stepped up as the ultimate winner. The winning team consists of Cara Coetzee, Nathan Burstein, Werner van Rooyen and Jason Sive and Nic Robertson. By democratising art, the team hopes that a new ...

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Technica broadens e-learning boquet, now offers IT cyber security courses

technica Technica, the provider of internationally accredited e-learning classes, has launched a new range of courses focusing on information and cyber security. Backed by the Midas Group and initially offering automotive industry-related learning, Technica has broadened its scope to include the ever-expanding information technology sector. E-learning is a massive industry in the US, currently worth around US$56.2-billion and continues to grow in Africa. Technica hopes to take advantage of this while nurturing the potential information technology talent the continent has to offer. In ...