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WooCommerce introduces Bookings: a novel way to trade your time online

woooo WooThemes changed the ecommerce game today by releasing the first ever comprehensive online booking tool for users of its most popular plugin, WooCommerce. The extension will allow online business enthusiasts to trade their time for cash money, set up appointments, connect with clients, link dependent resources, and integrate their services with their website. WooCommerce is well established as the leading ecommerce solution for WordPress users. Over 12% of shopping conducted online today is done through the WooCommerce plugin, accounting for a whopping ...

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Brilliant solutions to localised problems: 4 health innovations in Africa

Health Lead Development in Africa has had a long history of Western influence and subsequent failure. The deployment of Western strategies has been especially problematic in the health sector. In the later part of the 90s, health initiatives were implemented throughout the continent to combat the spread of HIV. Unfortunately, many of the approaches used were based on programmes that had garnered success in North American cities with vastly different populations and infrastructure from the African countries they were doled out in. ...


Beauty boxes: how the subscription startup trend unravelled in Asia

Beauty box Subscription services were supposed to be the next big thing in ecommerce. The concept, in which consumers pay a monthly fee in order to have products delivered to their home, was elegant and easy to understand. For wannabe entrepreneurs, it offered the promise of guaranteed recurring revenue and a treasure trove of customer data. Consumers, meanwhile, could benefit from its convenience and the element of surprise, since they can opt to have the service decide which products they’d receive. Last year, ...

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The value of building a business with an exit in mind

Exit_sign_2 It is easier to invest in private companies than it is to unlock value from these investments. While the venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) investment space is gaining more and more momentum in Africa, the process of exiting these investments remains a challenge. What many investors and entrepreneurs don’t realise is that positioning a business for a successful exit already starts in the due diligence process -- even before investment. Exit strategies will most likely influence the investment term ...


New opinion network launches in SA just in time for the elections

State State, a new global opinion network that links individuals based on their point of view, is making a major push into South Africa ahead of the May 7th elections. The London-based company was founded by brothers Mark Asseily and Alex Asseily. Alex Asseily is also the founder of mobile lifestyle company Jawbone. According to the company, the idea for a global opinion network like this is to give a powerful voice to everyone rather than a few. "Often only the most popular, ...

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Onyx showcases its ground-breaking Glass tech at big international vending event

South African display technology startup, Onyx Display Media, is off to Italy to showcase its display Glass solution at Venditalia, an international vending trade show. Onyx describes its glass solution as a "revolutionary patent pending solution, that may be retro-fitted to any cooler, horizontal freezer, and it may even stand completely alone – not depending on either". The glass allows for a host of static and interactive content to be display in HD. According to the company is has "developed ...

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36hrs: the social travel itinerary platform for jet-setters the world over

35hr 36hrs seems like a mash-up between Pinterest, Lonely Planet and TripAdvisor. Launched in beta in April this year, the startup has created a platform that collects, categorises and shares interesting spots in different cities across the globe. But it differentiates itself from its popular counterparts mentioned above by focusing on being more social, as well as providing unique, locally curated information. 36hrs is therefore more than a network of avid travellers and travel bloggers. It allows anyone to create their own ...

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Want some funding? Net Prophet is looking for startups

Popular Cape Town conference Net Prophet is back for another year. According to the organisers, this year's event is "gearing up to be better than ever". A big move for the event this year is its startup workshop, Spark up, which the organisers say "is coming into its own". The three day workshop runs for free over the weekend of 16 - 18 May ahead of Net Prophet. According to Net Prophet, it will be facilitated "by a range of seasoned ...

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Trading Hours aims to let you know when your favourite stores are actually open

Trading Hours How many times have you bust a gut trying to get to your favourite store, only to find that it's been closed for at least an hour? Or have you ever assumed that the restaurant you've heard so much about would be closed only to see pictures of people having an amazing time there a few hours later? You could, of course, look it up online (although there's no guarantee that it'll be there), or you could use a new ...


Built in Africa: RLabs is using tech to restore our faith in humanity

RLabs Built in Africa focuses on entrepreneurs, startups and technologies that hail from the continent and empower its citizens. Social entrepreneurship is becoming a key point of development for African entrepreneurs. In this, our sixth instalment of our “Built in Africa” series, we feature Reconstructed Living Lab (RLabs), a South African-based social entrepreneurship project aimed at bringing hope through technology education. RLabs is a global community-based movement and registered social enterprise that provides innovative solutions to address various societal problems in troubled communities ...