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  • Entrepreneurs, learn how Elon Musk got started [infographic]

    Becoming a tech entrepreneur doesn't just happen overnight. Besides having failures and successes in business, you'll have failures and successes in your personal life. Even big names, like Elon Musk, has had an interesting journey to where he is today. In an infographic created by Anna Vital, and hosted on Funder and Founders, it details Musk's life from when he was born until the end of 2015. It also takes a cheeky turn by chronicling events that have yet to happen, going past 2025 to when the supposed Mars Colonial Transporter launches. In addition to the infographic, the website also contains a...

  • Company Office

    SA consumers doing their product homework before purchase

    At a time when most consumers are spending conservatively, with a hawkish eye on every last Rand, value for money has become paramount. Long gone are the days when people sign on to mobile contracts on a whim, or buy insurance products at the behest of a smiling salesman. With deep-seated economic and political uncertainty prevailing, consumers are looking to inform themselves as best they can before spending a cent. “The good news for sceptical South Africans is that a host of new and sophisticated digital tools are coming online, giving people much-needed access to information,” says Ryan Marx, CEO...

  • SA ranks 2nd on global emerging markets startup ecosystem index

    Go to any startup event in South Africa and you'll likely hear at least one conversation about everything that's wrong with the local ecosystem. Some of those complaints are valid, but there's plenty to celebrate too. The latest reminder of that fact comes courtesy of Seedstars Index (SSI) of Global Emerging Markets Ecosystems, which ranks South Africa as the second best ecosystem of its kind around the globe and the best in Africa. When you consider that South African startup Giraffe took top honours at this year's Seedstars World Global Summit, that's perhaps not overly surprising. According to Seedstars...

  • 5 startups that will help you automate SEO-related processes in 2016

    Although factors such as keyword distribution, domain age and URL structure still play a critical role in SEO, they are not really enough to get your website to the first positions in Google search. Instead, with the world of SEO shifting towards content and context, intelligent tools that help in gathering information on user behavior, media mentions, industry contacts and competitors have become essential for a successful SEO strategy. Having in mind all these processes, there are obviously plenty of areas where automation can help individual SEO experts or agencies work more effectively. This is particularly true considering the...

  • Angels, VCs throw their weight behind creative platform

    A group of angel investors and venture capitalists have invested in Conte Magazine, a new platform for emerging creatives and artists. While no amounts were revealed, the investment is understood to be large enough to have made a significant difference to the fledgling startup, allowing it to grow its team and footprint. “The company has grown significantly since the funding. We have attracted a lot of brands, interested media outlets, universities and other organisations who are interested in collaborating with us.” said Charmaine Ngobeni, co-founder of Conte Magazine. “Always have a plan for the money you are looking for,”...

  • This app is bringing on-demand home repair to Cape Town

    There's not much you can't get on-demand these days: taxis, take-out, flowers and now -- thanks to freshly launched app -- home repairs. Called getTOD, the app aims to service homeowners looking for a quick, safe and reliable way to find repair serviceman, such as plumbers, electricians or locksmiths. A bid to become an Uber of the home repair space, getTOD claims to connect users with service providers who meet their particular need using location based tracking and supplier availability in real time. This, it says, removes the need to waste time searching the internet or a telephone directory...

  • Bob Skinstad to talk business at April StartupGrind

    StartupGrind, the global series of monthly entrepreneurial talks, has a penchant for finding speakers outside of the traditional startup space. The April edition of the Cape Town talk is no exception, with former Springbok captain and Supersport commentator Bobby Skinstad taking to the stage to chat about his own experiences as a tech entrepreneur. The fireside chat, which takes place on 11 April, will also cover what Skinstad has taken from the sports world into the business world as an executive director. Tickets for the event, at the Townhouse Hotel, are available online.

  • Don’t be fooled, starting a business isn’t easy

    Spend some time with your friends around the braai and everyone, at some stage, wants to do their own thing and venture off into Entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, less than 6% of the population ever will. Why is that? Business is relatively simple and there are enough examples of success out there to make it a worthwhile risk to undertake. Most people however know of the other part of the equation and the failures and difficulties. Perhaps that holds them back. Either way business IS simple but not always easy. The biggest factor in its...

  • Meet Ventureburn at Workshop 17

    Think your startup could change the world? Then we want to hear about it. And we're not just talking about emails either. We want to meet you in person. Ventureburn senior writer Stuart Thomas will be at Workshop 17 between 11:00 and 16:00 on Tuesday 5 April. If you'd like us to know about your startup, startup idea, or even just share your thoughts on the local entrepreneurial space, look for him under the Ventureburn banner. Alternatively, if you'd like to set up a more formal meeting, you can email him here.

  • Top startup events in South Africa, Africa you should know about this week [04/04/2016]

    Looking to get into the South African startup scene or scratch up on some of your skills? Well, you’ve come to the right place. There are loads of competitions, networking sessions and workshops happening around South Africa and the rest of the continent (namely Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana) that we’ve rounded up to make your life a bit easier. This article is part of a weekly series that highlights all the top startup competitions, networking sessions, workshops and conferences around South Africa, and the greater region. If you have any event recommendations for us to add to the list, or...

  • Harare will host third Capacity Development Forum in May 2016

    The third Capacity Development Forum (CDF) will take place in Zimbabwe's capital Harare from 2 to 6 May 2016. The conference will this year discuss the "developing capacity for Africa's economic and social transformation," and will explore "the major challenges and opportunities associated with capacity development on the continent, including youth employment, public, private and civil society engagement and domestic resource mobilisation," according to a press release. The Capacity Development Forum will also host the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) 25th Anniversary Celebrations. The organisations headquarters has been stationed in Zimbabwe since its inception in 1991. "We are delighted to welcome several...