Need some help managing your startup? Check out these 10 smart cloud tools

numbers-accounting Managing a new company is daunting. Even more so in a time where the advancement of technology has led to the proliferation of utilitarian tools in the project management realm. Many technological experts have put in their efforts and brains to devise various tools that have simplified project management methodology and improved the productivity of businesses involved in managing projects. These tools, being based in the cloud, can be easily accessed from different locations. This suits those businesses whose team ...

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Net1 Mobile initiative brings solar-powered solutions to SA communities

Africa Net1 Mobile Solutions recently partnered with South African-companies and organisations to bring care-packs to hundreds of pupils at Jon Kotlolo School and the local community, in Pretoria, South Africa. These packs included the company's Sun-e-light -- a solar-powered lamp and mobile phone charger. “We created Sun-e-light for South Africans who have little or no access to electricity, as an ongoing corporate social investment project,” said Philip Belamant, Managing Director of N1MS. The first edition of the Sun-e-light costs R270 (US$27) and ...

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Take Action to bridge gap between community and service providers

takeaction-app Service delivery sucks. Even when it works, it generally requires you to go stand in a queue, wait on hold, make extra payments... you get the picture. By sourcing community data, this newly launched South African app hopes to eliminate that hassle and bring pressing public issues to relevant service providers' attention. Take Action is an app that helps citizens log public incidents in need of attention. People can, for instance, raise awareness of things like broken water pipes, accidents, ...

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Disrupt everything: Lagos and the transportation overhaul

SAMSUNG CSC The streets are flooded, it has been raining all night and all morning, and I need a cab. I have a couple of meetings to get to and I don't really know the city that well. I would order an Uber but it doesn't operate here... yet. I am in Lagos and everywhere I look is chaos and masses of cars... Transportation is a major problem here, so much so that a number of startups and established companies have decided ...

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Global Innovation Index 2014 spells promising signs for Africa

creative Swizerland, the United Kingdom and Sweden have been named the world's most innovative countries of 2014. The seventh annual Global Innovation Index (GII) study also found positive signs for Sub-Saharan Africa's innovation performance, highlighting its strong growth. Regionally, Mauritius and Seychelles beat South Africa to the chase in the African continent. The regional winner, Mauritius, came 40th globally and has shown an impressive improvement of 13 places from 53rd in 2013. Sub-Saharan Africa's performance on the GII: Mauritius ...

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Rwanda’s Think tech incubator calls for Africa’s savvy entrepreneurs

Think Based in Kigali, Rwanda, and brought to us by Tigo and Millicom, the Think tech incubator has now opened its doors and is looking for savvy entrepreneurs to fill its office space. Selected tech entrepreneurs from across the African continent will undergo a six-month incubation programme that would support the startups in developing their digital solutions. Tigo Rwanda General Manager, Tongai Maramba says, “We are excited to welcome the first batch of talented entrepreneurs at Think. We are calling on ...


Stellagy: using crowdfunding to bridge Africa’s educational gap

Stellagy Around the world, governments and businesses are facing an ever complicating conundrum: high levels of youth unemployment and a shortage of job seekers with relevant critical skills. Many countries especially in the developing world still consider affordability to be the primary inhibitor to education. Improving the quality of education by making it more relevant to users, as well as finding creative means of addressing the affordability challenge, is highlighted as the primary keys to successfully addressing this challenge. A recent ...

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Want froyo? Uber is bringing on-demand dessert to South Africa

Frozen yoghurt toppings Do you sometimes take a stroll down the street and suffer from an incurable craving for frozen yoghurt? You're not alone... and Uber wants to help. The smart taxi startup is back with another crazy cool on-demand delivery option -- it's sending out fleets of cars stocked with dessert in South Africa on Saturday 19 July. In a follow up to its previous ice cream escapades, the company will be giving users in 144 cities in 38 countries worldwide the option ...

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8Bit’s on a mission to empower SA’s indie publishers and beyond

8bit-media-cover 8Bit Media has been extremely busy in the past six months. In between 88mph's accelerator programme, founder Tom Kennedy and his significant other having their first kid, and successfully pitching at Net Prophet's SparkUp Live, the startup has been adding a host of new features and is constantly expanding its vision of empowering local independent publishers. With a cool new tool called 8Bit Engage, the company is currently helping local indie sites promote each other's content and boost impressions, and ...

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ORM specialist Veribo makes a play for the South African market

Veribo Spend enough time talking to companies about their online and social media efforts, and you'll start to realise just how important online reputation management is. And while there are plenty of tools available for people to use, there are instances where a specialised ORM provider can be useful. That's exactly what Veribo -- an ORM provider with offices in Tel-Aviv, London and now Cape Town -- will be hoping it can convince the South African market. "The South African ...