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You need rest: 6 tools to put your business on autopilot this holiday

cocktails You need to relax. Your business... not so much. You can rest (only temporarily of course) while your company ploughs through the up-coming holiday season like the good workhorse it's meant to be. Undoubtedly these tools will serve as your little helpers through the season only and their overall effectiveness will range depending on how much your operations and workforce depend on the internet. Trello During the holidays, when most of the company (if not all) is separated, Trello will help ...


Intelclinic wins #LeWeb startup competition

LaWeb Logo IntelClinic was named the winner of LeWeb's startup competition in Paris today following an interesting demo of its sleep mask. The competition provides startups with an international platform to pitch their companies to technologists, angel investors and venture capitalists for possible funding. Intelclinic says that it helps people gain more time by lowering the amount of sleep they need to get refreshed and regenerated. "We created NeuroOn - the world’s first brainwaves monitoring SLEEP MASK - allowing to switch from monophasic ...

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Richard Branson dubs 2014 ‘The year of the entrepreneur’

Entrepreneur idea In a recent blog post on LinkedIn which features in 2014's Big Ideas category, Virgin Active entrepreneur Richard Branson shares his thoughts on what he believes to be the most influential ideas of next year in shaping entrepreneurship. Referring to his predictions for 2014, Branson writes that because of a general growing access to technology, more entrepreneurs across the globe are becoming more capable of leveraging powerful tools to compete with greater markets. "I believe 2014 will be the year ...

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Carmudi Nigeria finds sweet spot as motor industry changes shape

Carmudi Previously going by the name Carmido, Carmudi Nigeria is an online marketplace for vehicles that today announced it has hit a massive surge in popularity over the past months as it continues to show promising signs for Nigeria’s developing automotive industry. By offering diverse vehicle listings, Carmudi lets customers find or sell their cars, motorcycles or commercial vehicles online. With recent political changes, Carmudi has managed to hit the ultimate sweet spot in its market. Monthly visits to Carmudi Nigeria ...


Mashauri: the rise of the virtual accelerator

mashauri Traditional startup accelerators operate on a tried and tested model: knowledge and cash in exchange for equity. Mashauri, an online accelerator aimed at increasing the success rates of startups across the globe, is trying something different. For a monthly fee, Mashauri will serve up know-how over the web, or if your startup is in its concept stage, advice is free. Mashauri can be considered the scenic route adjacent to a fast-track which includes accelerators like Y Combinator, 500 Startups and 88mph. ...

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7 startups in Southeast Asia that are impacting the 99 percent

crowdfunding Inequality is a big problem in emerging markets like Southeast Asia, with much of the population lacking adequate access to education, income, and job opportunities. Yet while technology startups are determined to disrupt entire industries, they are generally fixated on first-world problems. Blame economics: startups are profit-seeking ventures that strive to maximize the lifetime value of every customer, and a villager living in a rural part of Indonesia won’t be able to contribute a dime. As a result, they tend to ...

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Crowdfunding campaign to Jumpstart Africa’s innovative game-changers

Jumpstart Africa Based in Morocco but with regional and international ambitions, Jumpstart Africa is an initiative currently raising money in an effort to help connect and finance Africa's brightest entrepreneurs and innovators with the rest of the world. By setting up a crowdfunding platform, Jumpstart Africa aptly wants to take advantage of "the crowd" to connect investors and other contributors with tech, environmental and creative projects across the African continent. Furthermore, the initiative will help find and educate entrepreneurs. We've seen a ...

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Six lessons for entrepreneurs from the movie ‘Jobs’

Jobs-ashton-kutcher I just watched the movie Jobs, and before you Apple fanatics lose your mind, this is not a review, go watch it yourself. What I have are some lessons from Apple’s early days for entrepreneurs, the Steve Jobs way. If the movie is an accurate representation of the birthing of Apple Inc. (it's not really), then Steve Jobs robbed Steve Wozniak out of a company and many people more. If the movie is an accurate representation of the early days at ...

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Rocket Internet’s Lazada receives near $250-million from Tesco and friends

lazada logo The Rocket Internet-backed Lazada is based in Singapore and operating in Southeast Asia, making it easier for people to buy and sell goods online. The company announced today that it has secured approximately US$250-million from the British retail conglomerate Tesco PLC, the US-based Access Industries, Investment AB Kinnevik and Verlinvest. Since its launch in February 2012, Lazada has expanded to five Southeast Asian countries and now employs approximately 1500 employees. CEO of Lazada Group Maximilian Bittner notes the importance of ...


Confirmed: Caxton strikes acquisition deal with Habari Media [update]

Habari A while back we reported that South African publishing giant Caxton was in talks with digital sales house Habari, possibly around an acquisition. We can now confirm that was the case, with Caxton taking a 100% stake in Habari. When Ventureburn contacted Habari founder Adrian Hewlett, earlier today he could neither confirm nor deny that the acquisition and was unable to provide any official comment on the story. Update: In a statement issued by Habari Media on the announcement, Hewlett ...