This startup lets you buy your friends a beer through WeChat

WeChat social media There’s now a way to send a gift to someone inside WeChat – and it’s really easy to do. The newly-launched service is created by a Chinese startup called Giftpass that wants to remove all the usual hurdles, hassles, and barriers involved in online gifting. Giftpass co-founder Vincent Mah – a Canadian who’s ethnically Chinese – says the idea was formulated when he wanted to get a gift for a friend on the birth of her baby. But there are ...


Built in Africa: CHIFCO hopes to build a greener future for all

CHIFCO founder Built in Africa focuses on entrepreneurs, startups and technologies that hail from the continent and empower its citizens. The global energy crisis has provided entrepreneurs with new opportunities to innovate. Conserving energy is not only in vogue but necessary for a lasting power supply. Africa has had energy and power problems for some time and it seems more and more African entrepreneurs are looking for solutions. Earlier in this series we introduced you to Patrick Ngowi, the man bringing clean energy ...


#GetToModern: Win with Microsoft to move your business forward

Microsoft-logo Believe it or not, there are still many businesses sticking with Windows XP. To help keep you up with the times, we're giving away some awesome prizes. With compliments from Microsoft, you can get your hands on one of these bundles worth R30 000: HP 250 (PC) + Nokia Lumia 520+ 3 months free Office 365 + Vodafone K4305 USB Modems @ R569 on MyGig 3 Lenovo Thinkpad Tab 2 + Nokia Lumia + 3 months free Office 365 @ R649 on ...

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Takealot’s Kim Reid talks new millions, expansion and the future of ecommerce

Kim Reid News of popular ecommerce site Takealot's US$100-million investment round has set South Africa's tech scene abuzz. Late last week we reported that the site secured a staggering US$100-million from its long time investor, Tiger Global Management. Founded in the 2002 as Take2, the site was later relaunched as Takealot in 2010 by Tiger Global Management and CEO Kim Reid. Takealot offers an extensive range of locally supplied and imported books, DVDs, music, games, electronics and toys with delivery to your doorstep. In ...

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7 steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur in your 20s

young success They say that wisdom comes with age. But does success only come to the older generation? The economic world is finally ready to start making its comeback after more than half a decade of slow growth and painful retraction. The playing field has been leveled by this; large corporates are tightening their belts while the eyes of the world are looking to the entrepreneur and the innovator to kick-start growth. In the coming years, new players will enter markets and new markets will ...

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Youth programming project Creative Code wins at WDC2014 pitching session

WDC2014-logo The fifth pitching session of WDC2014 Cape Town, South Africa recently saw thirteen projects compete and pitch their ideas. The award went to Creative Code -- an initiative that promotes and encourages elements of visual design to inspire young people to learn how to code. Apart from walking away with R10 000, the well-prepared team of Creative Code got 50% off myViGO's site building services. Paperight's Book Dash project was similarly impressive. The idea is to have an event akin to ...

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Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship lends hand to African startups

liberia At the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship (BCOE) in Johannesburg, South Africa fifteen entrepreneurs from Liberia recently took part in a foundation course that covered the essential fundamentals of running a startup. Apart from scratching up on accounting and business planning, more importantly, entrepreneurs were taught the art and science of breaking the rules to capture the imagination of customers and investors alike. This is part of a broader programme to further the aspirations of the African continent's entrepreneurs. In addition ...

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3 quick tips on how to be a lean startup [Video]

jacques venturetv snip 800 Welcome to the second episode of our brand new YouTube show VentureTV -- a show for entrepreneurs where we'll share tools, tips and insights to help you run your startup better, or anything we think will add value to your startup journey. You've probably heard of The Lean Startup by Eric Ries, potentially the quintessential book on the principles of being lean in the startup world. Recently, Daniel Marcus of Magnetic wrote a great piece on what he learned from reading Ries' ...

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Rethink Education: a startup’s crusade to revolutionise the way we learn

Rethink-lead Based in South Africa, Douglas Hoernle, went from working in the Cape's wine industry to the edtech space when he co-founded the startup Rethink Education. He says that his family always had a passion for education and that he was looking to do something with a greater, lasting social impact than what the fine arts of the wine industry has to offer. He looked at one of the fathers of modern elearning for inspiration -- Salman Khan -- who's the founder ...


Don’t PANIC: why you need to find a mentor for your startup

yoda “And that is how we’re going to get to $25-million in revenue within 18 months!” I bit my lip and scratched my head. Sitting opposite me was a small business owner with over 10 years experience in his industry. By all outward appearances he seemed to know what he was talking about. However, there was a huge disconnect between the realities of business and his vision for the future. “Have you ever had a mentor?” I asked as politely as ...