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The bubble effect: entrepreneurs must understand other markets to scale

bubbles MEF, the global community for mobile content and commerce, recently held a conference in Silicon Valley that focused on innovation, monetisation and growth. At the heart of the tech universe, emerging market entrepreneurs connected and networked, hoping to soak up some of the success secrets this place holds. For tech entrepreneurs Silicon Valley is hallowed ground. It's where you come to pay homage to great companies, tech giants started from harebrained ideas. This is the home of Google, Yahoo, eBay, ...


African Dawn Capital in talks to acquire Knife Capital

knife capital grindstone lead Africa Dawn Capital, a listed micro lending company, has entered into talks to buy Knife Capital. It seems the listed company has decided to play in the big leagues of tech investment. Things haven't been all that great for Africa Dawn, according to a Financial Mail report from earlier this year. The report says that a move into tech investment is the company's "hopeful third-time-lucky". A move towards tech makes sense for the company as Africa's tech entrepreneurial landscape has attracted ...

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HacKIDemia launches crowdfunding campaign to empower Africa’s makers

Afrimakers Afrimakers is an initiative that has just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with the aim to inspire and encourage young participants in Africa to solve greater social problems. The idea is pretty straightforward -- plant a seed that will encourage and foster social entrepreneurship, digital fabrication and regional collaboration. This specific project kicks off with the HacKIDemia Makers Box -- a toolbox for hands-on learning and inspiration. It's described as being a mobile invention laboratory and includes tools used to ...


9 types of entrepreneur you’ll meet at your next startup event

Entrepreneur Since we had a chance to interview and follow so many entrepreneurs, we thought it would be fun to classify them based on their characteristics. You may or may not find your type here because some of you are probably a mix. Some of our categories don’t read as great as others, but you shouldn’t feel offended should you fall under them. Just let your product speak for you! Here’s our list on 9 types of entrepreneurs: The greenhorn: Young, daring, and ...

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SA animation studio Triggerfish gets fresh funding for new projects

khumba_triggerfish South African digital animation studio Triggerfish has just secured a fresh round of funding that will allow it to start development on five new projects. Best known for the feature films Zambezia and Khumba the studio has made something of a name for itself on the international film scene. With that attention has come serious funding. At the beginning of 2013, it received a multi million Rand investment from Spier Film for the development of Khumba. The development funding was secured from ...

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The West African startup landscape: it’s not just about Nigeria

Africa Map We have been working on getting you up to date with the different startup ecosystems in Africa. We began this with South Africa and then moved on to East Africa. People have been asking us about other parts of Africa, such as the West and if we could put together a comprehensive guide for that region as well. We have heard you and done as you have asked, this time putting our focus on West Africa. As an entrepreneur, trying to make ...

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Government-backed site NigeriaForward launches to encourage investment

Nigeria Forward To encourage both investment and promote awareness and understanding of Nigeria's growing economy, a new website called NigeriaForward launched this week. The initiative will focus on both the public and private sectors operating in growing industries ranging from manufacturing to agriculture. By now we have a rough guide of what the startup ecosystem looks like in West Africa and while Nigeria certainly isn't the sole provider of that landscape, it's definitely the largest. This government-backed website is supported by ...

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Competition for Africa’s ecommerce startups heats up as Christmas nears

Konga Christmas Christmas is right around the corner and Africa's ecommerce stores aren't letting this opportunity slide without getting their fingers in the pie. The popularity of online shopping continues to grow in emerging markets (more specifically, West Africa) and startups such as Konga and Jumia are indicative of this. Both companies have won prestigious awards recently as they gear up for Africa's end of the year shopping spree. Claiming to be Africa's largest online mall, the Nigerian ecommerce startup Kongo has ...

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Startup Blitz: Funda provides online learning to institutions, corporates

funda startup blitz Startup Blitz on Burn Media TV showcases the best tech startups coming out of Cape Town and the Western Cape. It’s quick, fun and informative with startups pitching in 30 seconds or less followed by a short Q&A with Burn Media Managing Editor Michelle Atagana. Learn about local tech startups right here, in just a few minutes. Today's edition features Kolawole Olajide, the lead engineer for Funda, a platform that provides "learning management systems and content development for high institutions and ...

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Here’s why a global agenda is becoming more significant for African startups

Atlas The instant you put a .com next to your company name, your business is open to the entire world. Hell, any domain would do. Why is a global product and marketing strategy becoming more relevant and crucial for startups today? The one argument is that startups should go global because the markets are larger, the customers make decisions faster and they are less price sensitive than those in emerging markets. Plus having access to the internet not only opens ...