Be wary of being an entrepreneur for too long

watch-498248_1280 I can't tell you how relieved I was to reorganise my priorities at the end of 2013 and simply say 'no'. No more entrepreneurship events, no speaking or writing engagement unless I'm paid for it and very, very little time spent on the entrepreneurship scene. In short, I've cut down on so many unnecessary things in just one part of my life, that there is now ample time to pursue those interests I've always had and never had the time ...

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New ecommerce site Zwipit wants your old phone for cash

Zwipit South Africa has a lot of phones. With a mobile penetration rate exceeding that of the population by almost a third, one can easily imagine a good amount of old Nokias and Blackberrys lying around in people's drawers, forgotten and gathering dust. It's then to no one's surprise that a mobile-phone recycling startup has finally reached the country's shores. Founded in 2011, Spanish company Zwipit has launched in nine other markets so far in its mission to buy second-hand phones, refurbish ...

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Smart-water startup E-Maji, carpooling service Jambo Car win Ampion Venture Bus comp

ampion Ampion Venture Bus has announced the winners of the East African and Southern African startups. Carpooling service Jambo Car won the East African round, while water sanitation startup E-Maji was crowned the Southern African winner. By touring with entrepreneurs across regions in Africa, Ampion Bus seeks to develop innovative tech solutions on the continent, using both international and local skills and talent. At AfricaCom in Cape Town, South Africa, E-Maji had to match the business plans and ambitions of eight other starups ...


Two very important things to remember before migrating to the cloud

Cloud-concept-by-architizer The South African digital economy is booming – with rapidly decreasing connectivity prices, coupled with an increasing number of cheap and cheerful entrants into the smartphone game, the average South African is now more exposed to cloud computing than ever before. We are using cloud services such as Facebook, iCloud and Gmail, often without realising that these are cloud services. Yet, while the average consumer has fast adopted cloud technologies, business adoption is a little slower. According to the World Wide ...

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Africa Twenty10 accelerator is calling for first intake of savvy startups

startup The Africa Twenty10 accelerator programme is looking for local startups that would help solve the problem of fragmentation and small market sizes on the continent. In its effort to create a more competitive environment, the accelerator will provide a three-month intensive programme for the first intake of startups, which will enable them to launch in multiple countries and access bigger market sizes. The initiative hopes to find a fair balance of female-led startups, social enterprises along with other profitable and impactful startups. The programme ...

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BRCK founders embark on epic roadtrip to promote African connectivity

BRCK This is pretty cool: the folks behind BRCK -- the device that allows you to connect to the internet, no matter where you are and without electricity -- are embarking on an epic roadtrip from Nairobi to Johannesburg. The aim of the trip is both to stress test the tech and to network with various tech communities along the way. Using a Land Rover and three motorcycles, the group hopes to arrive in Johannesburg in time for Maker Faire Africa, ...

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Okuhle Media recognised as most established business in Western Cape

OK (1) Cape Town, South Africa has an exciting, growing film industry, with players like local animation studio Triggerfish having made a name for itself internationally, and big-shot production companies from abroad setting up shop in Africa's southern point. Another active player in this field is production and marketing startup Okuhle Media, which is scooping up prestigious awards left and right it seems. Okuhle recently won the award as the "Most Established Business in the Western Cape" by the Premier's Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards, ...


Your startup is up and running – now what? The one question you need to remember

Question A startup is like an infant: it keeps you awake from early in the morning until late at night. An established business is when your kid is all grown up, has left the house and now you can finally go and get a real holiday! But what about the transition between startup and a proper business, what about those awkward teenage years? Well, the good news is that the hardest part is probably behind you; you’ve got a product that the market ...


50 young Africans who could totally transform the continent

Future-Africa-awards The fact that more than half of Africa's population is under the age of 25 is often cited as one of the things in its favour going forward. With seven of the world's top ten fastest growing economies on the continent, it does however mean that there's some serious pressure on Africa's young people. It is they who are expected to change the world's perception of the continent and to turn that growth into real prosperity. If the nominees for ...


BirdLasser mobile conservation app takes tweeting to the next level

birdlasser lead There's such a vast range of mobile apps on the market, all aiming to provide that one kick-ass, differentiating service. Over on Gearburn, we recapped a few apps that us journos rely on on a daily basis, but what if you're not a journalist? What if you're a budding conservationist or bird-lover? Well, there's even an app for you. BirdLasser is the brainchild of South African duo William Harris and Henk Nel -- two avid birdwatchers who wanted to bring the ...