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Get live weather updates on Mxit thanks to Kazazoom

AfricaWeather Kazazoom, a Johannesburg-based technology startup that develops content and services for Mxit, has unveiled updates to the live weather service that it operates for AfricaWeather Ltd. The new service, which the company claims is the first of its kind to be made available on Mxit, is meant to enhance the existing AfricaWeather offering on the instant messaging platform, and will apparently reach more than 300 000 registered users. “This service will allow users to get live weather updates sent directly to their ...


Uber stealthily cruises into Cape Town

Uber After testing its Africa chops in Johannesburg, it seems luxury private car driver service, Uber has finally made its way to Cape Town. According to a sneaky blog post by the company, secret Ubers has begun roaming the streets of Cape Town. "We couldn’t be more excited for our stealth launch in the Mother City," said the post. For the Cape Town leg of its launch the company teamed up with SA Rugby legend Breyton Paulse, who grab the first ...

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Here is why you should care more about elearning and green startups

bicycle flower They aren't as flashy or sexy as providing a new social or music app gimmick, but startups and projects involved in areas such as elearning or those providing environmental solutions, supply a great appetite. A demand the government, for instance, would be keen to satisfy and fund. Apart from the industries also becoming increasingly lucrative, they provide real solutions for real world problems. Having said that, governments, NGOs, banks, multinationals, etc. have great stakes in supporting small businesses operating in ...

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Lodgify launches, attacks crowded vacation rental space with power punch

lodgify Lodgify, a new vacation rental marketing startup, launches today. From the get-go, the Barcelona-based company is candid about its global ambitions, allowing vacation rental owners and property managers from pretty much anywhere to centrally manage their reservations, and synchronise their property information across major vacation rental portals. If this all sounds a bit too familiar, you're right. Lodgify is entering a pretty crowded kingdom and going up against its king, Airbnb, but the fledgling company is coming out swinging, launching with ...

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Paperight partners with copier-printer developer Riso to empower schools

paperight logo In partnership with Riso, Cape Town-based startup Paperight moves closer to achieving its goal of providing schools and teachers easy, low-cost access to textbooks. Paperight enables teachers and learners to take action themselves by giving each teacher an official account. In turn, teachers can download and print books as needed from their closest copy shop. Now with the help of the copier-printers developer Riso, this process would be made even more efficient. Through this partnership, Riso will contribute towards the publishers’ ...

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Financial app 22seven gets a makeover, slashes subscription fees

22Seven Personal financial management service 22seven has been given a revamp, with its subscription rates slashed. The company, bought by Old Mutual back in January, cut its subscription fees from R60 a month to R25 a month. While some might see that as a sign of desperation, the company insists that this is not the case and that it's simply looking to carry on in its evolution. In Facebook post, the service also reavealed that loans and investments from companies like ...

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Read this: 9 candid startup comments by Y Combinator’s Paul Graham

paul_graham We write a lot about Paul Graham, the man behind the uber successful Y Combinator. Graham's incubator, which has spawned rock star startups such as AirBnb, Reddit and Dropbox, has funded over 500 companies which have gone on to raise more than US$1.7 billion in funding. Y combinator is considered, by some, the top startup incubator in the world. Naturally, Graham's latest interview for Inc. magazine piqued our interest. It's long, but worth a bookmark. Still, we dug into the ...


Former Motribe boss’ new venture acquired by Imperial Holdings

Resolve Mobile In a move to get more in Africa's exploding mobile and telecommunications space, listed entity Imperial Holdings has acquired a controlling stake in new mobile technology firm ForeFront Africa (FFA) for an undisclosed sum. The company, started by former Motribe boss, Nic Haralambous, and business partner Tracy Langdon-Surkont, is a mobile strategy firm that works closely with MNOs, business and brands to create mobile strategy, products and training. Imperial Holdings offers logistics, tourism, car rental and financial services with an established ...

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Rocket Internet’s ecommerce flagship, Jumia, releases Android app for Africa

jumia logo Jumia, the Rocket Internet backed West African ecommerce site, has announced the launch of its first smartphone app, available for users in, interestingly, not only West African Nigeria, Morocco and Ivory Coast but also Kenya, extending its reach, and m-commerce, to more parts of Africa. Jumia, which is akin to Amazon and only about one year old, will see the app - available for Android phones - offer up Jumia's full 50 000-piece catalog, including international brands. It promises to have ...

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Startup Blitz: Ninja Invoice provides quick, agile invoicing system

Ninja Invoice This week on Startup Blitz, Mich Atagana chats with Gerhard du Toit and Justin Zwart. They are both co-founders of Ninja Invoice -- a company that provides an invoicing platform aiming to make quoting and invoicing frustration-free. Specifically targeting freelancers and SMEs, Ninja Invoice hopes to stand out from the rest of the competition with its simple and intuitive system. Like ninjas, the invoicing process promises to be quick, and setting-up an invoice or quote is also very customizable for ...