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What SA’s new employment tax means for your startup

Taxes Around 50% of South Africans under 25 years old and of working age are unemployed. This situation, which has persisted for many years, has dire implications for the country’s future unless it is reversed. Numerous international studies show that school leavers who do not find jobs within a couple of years become virtually unemployable and contribute to social instability. This reality has prompted Government to put a Youth Subsidy in place to alleviate the problem, after years of debate and ...


In startups we trust: Africa and its ‘silent’ rise to stardom

africa growth It's starting to get redundant to say tech is big in Africa. Of course tech is big in Africa. Tech is big everywhere - it's our favourite toy right now. A few weeks ago, I was hanging around Social Media Week in Lagos, Nigeria and what really stood out for me is not that tech is big, but that Africa's tech explosion is facing some challenges. The questions people are starting to ask aren't around the number of apps the continent's ...

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Big data, pet food and dating: these are 88mph’s 7 chosen SA startups

88mph From a pet food delivery service to an innovative social mingling site and business analytics, African startup accelerator and fund programme 88mph has recently announced the seven South African startups taking part in this year's programme. Out of a massive 300 applicants, the accelerator finally narrowed the list down to include diarize.me, Catch, Pet Heaven, Ekaya, Graphflow, Byte Money and 8Bit. Most of these startups are mobile and web oriented and will receive investment, access to business networks, technical infrastructure, workspace and mentoring, ...

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Living in the future: why imagination is our most important resource

Imagination A sophisticated pill bottle that harnesses the internet of things by glowing when medication is required, failing which an audible alarm is activated, before finally sending a text message to a designated person to ensure that chronic medication is never missed; A unit to process sewerage in a way that harvests methane, water, biomass and nutrition for growing food; A shopping cart that automatically calculates the cost of items through sensors as goods are placed in the cart; Public sleep ...


NGOs launch new tool to map water and sanitation in Kenya’s largest slum

Kibera WikiMedia Commons With an estimated 1.2-million residents, Kibera is Africa’s second largest and one of the biggest slums in the world with some of the poorest living conditions. It’s degrading and dehumanising to live there, amidst abject poverty, drugs and periodic violence and contagious diseases. The worst problem, however, is access to water and sanitation facilities. A new partnership between US’s Kounkuey Design Initiative (KDI) and Nairobi-based Spatial Collective and Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company is developing an online map to help ...

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Waabeh shows snapshot of Africa’s music streaming industry [infographic]

Waabeh Online music streaming has been booming ever since iTunes was released more than a decade ago. With African content for Africans in mind, services such as Nigeria's iRoking and Kenya's Waabeh are steadily increasing their online footprints, not only in their respective regions, but internationally as well. The latter recently released an infographic of its performance in the last year, which gives us a snapshot of what the African music streaming industry might look like. Since launching in 2013, ...

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Jumia now offering budget-friendly X-touch tablet in Nigeria

Jumia Jumia is one of Nigeria's largest online retail stores and offers a range products from women's high-heels to cheap smartphones and books. To further help prove itself as a leading electronics store, the ecommerce outfit recently announced that it will be exclusively stocking the cost-friendly yet capable X-touch tablet. The X-touch is said to be one of the best tablet brands currently available in Nigeria with specifications to fit a wide range of tablet users. The tablet is available in ...

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StartSmart wants to put SA startups on a budget in the cloud

StartSmart With the evolution of cloud services over the years, entrepreneurs from across the world can compete with each other by simply having access to the internet. Cloud services may have their perks, although having access to the skills to adequately develop innovative internet-based products and services is either scarce or too expensive for your average SME -- especially in emerging markets. With a focus on startups in Africa, StartSmart offers turnkey software solutions to other companies that don't have the adequate ...


Governance: it’s misunderstood but seriously important for your startup

boardroom To many small and medium business owners, the word "governance" sounds scary and Victorian. However, despite popular opinion, the value the governance process adds to even the smallest of enterprises is fundamentally misunderstood. Business owners often go into their particular business because they are passionate about it. They may know anything from a little to a lot about actually running a business, the particular industry they are entering and the roles that will be required. Among this group of business owners, ...


My father and I: a personal journey into business

Choosing a path My father was a great entrepreneur. He came to South Africa at the age of 20 with £5 in his pocket and went on to build one of Johannesburg’s most iconic retail food brands. When he opened Fontana Highpoint in 1970, it was the first 24-hour convenience store in the southern hemisphere. In keeping with his flair for the dramatic, my father held an opening ceremony at which he threw away the keys, publicly declaring that the store would never close. ...