Governance and startups: why legal risk management is a growth opportunity

The Law Mention legal risk to an SME business owner and you can literally see them cringe. While the perceived challenge of legal and compliance issues can seem overwhelming for a business owner, it is the unseen legal risks that can rapidly destroy a business. Often those risks come from where you least expect them – your own shareholders and team. With risk management being a critical part of effective governance, legal risk should be a key focus area for any SME. According ...

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Alibaba to acquire digital mapping platform AutoNavi for $1.5 billion

alibaba offices Alibaba, the Chinese ecommerce giant which is currently working on a US IPO, has acquired AutoNavi, one of the leading providers of 'digital map content and navigation solutions in China' for a reported US$1.5-billion. The move will give Alibaba full access to AutoNavi's platform -- or the tech thereof -- that provides users with a range of location-based services, including B2B and B2C, such as peer customer reviews of shops and restaurants. According to AutoNavi's co-founder and CEO since October 2009, Congwu ...

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Savannah Fund intros 3 new tech startups for its accelerator class

savannah fund Savannah Fund has recently announced the third batch of tech startups to take place in the Fund's accelerator class. The group includes BIGxGh from Ghana, Nigeria's UniSmart and Zevan Limited from Kenya. Based in Nairobi, Kenya the venture capital Fund has supported 13 startups since it launched a few years ago which include companies such as Kola Studios and Binu. Savanah Fund offers US$25 000 to each business as well as a three-month acceleration programme in exchange for 15% equity. What initially ...

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Twenty Fifty is Cape Town’s clubhouse for freelancers and entrepreneurs

20503 The 17th century English coffee-houses, to quote Steven Johnson, were places where people "would get together from different fields of expertise and their ideas could have sex. This was their conjugal bed in a sense." This concept is usually used as a popular model for modern co-working spaces: engineering serendipity. At least that’s the case with Twenty Fifty, a popular up-and-coming co-working and networking clubhouse for startups and freelancers in Cape Town, South Africa. The space showcases plants hanging from high ceilings, ...

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5 tips all expats should consider before launching a startup in China

smoggy sunset beijing mike behnken Rui Ma is close to closing her 10th early stage tech investment in Greater China since joining the global seed fund and accelerator 500 Startups last year. She has funded a handful of teams with expat founders. Follow her on Twitter @ruima. When I came to China via an internal transfer in September 2007, I was one of very few eligible candidates for the position I took. This was because my job in private equity required that I not only speak ...

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eLearning Africa Conference kicks-off end of May, to focus on innovation

elearning In an effort to unite developers, researchers, techies and teachers, the eLearning Africa Conference will be taking place from 28 to 30 May in Kampala, Uganda. An annual event, this year the conference will run with the theme of Opening Frontiers to the Future to focus on some of the incredible innovations happening in the field of education and learning on the African continent. Some of these innovations we've come across in recent years, and include startups such as Daptio and Serio.me ...

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How tech solutions could save Africa’s energy and natural resources sectors

africa energy Right now, the energy industry in sub-Saharan Africa is at a crossroads. Faced with booming demand from a growing industrial sector, urbanisation and an impatient consumer base, the region's energy utilities must deal with a unique set of challenges that can ultimately drive away both local and foreign investment and affect entire economies if they are not overcome. We're all too familiar with some of these challenges: ageing infrastructure that breaks down at inconvenient times; the need to optimise assets; the ...

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These are the 10 inspiring finalists of Innovation Prize for Africa 2014

Innovation-Prize The African Innovation Foundation (AIF) recently announced the finalists of the prestigious Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) 2014. Like the years before, the 10 finalists have been chosen for their practical, innovative solutions to local problems that are unique to the African continent. From South Africa to Togo, the finalists were chosen from almost 700 applications from 42 countries and produce inspiring innovations from a domestic waste biogas system to a wafer matrix for pediatric antiretroviral (ARV) drug treatment. To be announced ...

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Squeeze Facebook to boost your ecommerce profits: here’s how

Facebook logo A billion people on Facebook translate to a billion reasons for businesses to be there. Any business – big or small – now finds the need to be on Facebook and tap into the ever-increasing appeal Facebook has for businesses. Now, Facebook might not be everyone’s favorite. Yet it has potential. It has a user base, and it allows myriad applications and tools to interact with it. Friends trust friends and Facebook goes a long way to help translate that fact ...

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Zomato gets social, lets you search for food based on your friends’ tastes

Zomato Logo Restaurant discovery service, Zomato, recently announced the roll-out of its revamped web and mobile platforms, adding a social layer to the food directory. This new feature will help people who are scouting the web for munchies to search for hotspots based on friends' recommendations. The social integration to discovering food, or anything else really, is becoming more and more prominent in personalising the whole online experience. Deepinder Goyal, Founder and CEO of Zomato, notes: “Even before the advent of the internet, ...