The dangers of startup success and brilliant strategic exits: a case for Flappy Bird

Flappy-Bird This weekend Dong Nguyen let the world know that his wildly successful mobile game Flappy Bird was ruining his "simple life". In a series of tweets, he explained that it had nothing to do with legal issues and he does not want to sell it -- he was simply done with it. I am sorry 'Flappy Bird' users, 22 hours from now, I will take 'Flappy Bird' down. I cannot take this anymore.— Dong Nguyen (@dongatory) February 8, 2014 It is not ...

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Project management: 3 myths debunked and the skills needed for the future

cloud computing future trends One of the major hurdles companies face in being able to extract the maximum value from their project management infrastructure and strategies is perception -- or, in fact, misperception of project management in practice. It is time to debunk inaccurate theories and expose the myths. The cost The first of these is that only large companies can afford Project Management software. That may have been the case a few years ago, it certainly is not the case now. Today, small and ...

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Revolutionise the way you equip your business with OfficeBox

OfficeBox Ever find yourself scavenging your desk for a pen, staplers and envelopes, only to find that you've run out of stock? Of course you have. OfficeBox wants to remedy this. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, offices can sign up with its subscription package and have all their day-to-day essentials delivered to their doorsteps. The company is set to expand across the country and wants to revolutionise the way South African offices gobble up stationery. Since launching August 2013, the ...

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Rocket Internet continues its African onslaught with Jumia Uganda

jumia_ug Jumia, the Rocket Internet-driven "Amazon for Africa," today announced that it will extend its services to Uganda. Jumia also operates in Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, and the Ivory Coast. As with these countries, Ugandans can order goods and pay in cash once the items have been received -- "a made for Africa" method which is called ‘Cash-On-Delivery’ (COD). Co-founder of JUMIA, Jeremy Hodara says that after launching in other North, East and West African territories in less than one and a ...

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Unwrapping the mysteries of SA’s venture metrics landscape [Infographic]

South African flag With additional reporting by Mich Atagana South Africa's startup landscape is an industry wrapped in mysteries and enigmas. It's a world of near facts and almost could be truths, especially when it comes to funding. The average entrepreneur is not a 21-year-old University dropout. Also not all of them are men, yes women start companies too. In a survey conducted by Knife Capital, around 337 entrepreneurs shed some light on this cloak and dagger industry and provided some interesting insights about ...

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U-Start competition calling all SA entrepreneurs to action

ustart Are you a South African startup seeking some international exposure? This might be for you. The U-Start Business Plan Competition, which will be taking place in Italy, aims to match cross-border investment groups with startups from Southern and Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa. It's basically like the ultimate high-profile dating company for entrepreneurs, VCs and the like. Three small companies will be chosen to represent Africa at the event in May this year, and you could be one of ...

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Emerge Mobile: SA’s 1st global certified MPOS solution targets African SMEs

emerge mobile Mobile phones have become a part of everyday life, and being able to use your mobile for anything and everything is not just the near-future, but it's happening right now. One area where mobiles are flourishing is as a payment solution, and with that we see the rise of mobile point of sale (MPOS) payments solutions -- a highly competitive space. Emerge Mobile, a South African-based tech company that specialises in MPOS payments, has achieved Payments Council International Payment Terminal Security ...

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People, places and parcels, Tranzit is Africa’s taxi app on steroids

Tranzit Unlike most taxi app services these days, Tranzit not only offers you transportation but also parcel delivery and enables you to locate relevant places and events based on your location via the web. Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, Tranzit puts people a few taps away from a licensed, reviewed transportation and delivery pickup service and plans to revolutionise transportation in Africa and beyond. Before Tranzit, however, there was Taxipark, a run-of-the-mill taxi web and mobile app that helps you find and ...

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Micro lending startup ApexPeak to raise massive $200-million fund

ApexPeak ApexPeak is a micro lender that aims to loan money faster and easier than traditional banks would allow. Small companies in need of a smooth cash flow can borrow money from it to pay their invoices. Last year, the startup received seed investment from the Google-sponsored accelerator 88mph and is now raising a massive US$200-million to meet the growing demand of SMEs. Using the company's Global Receivables Fund, ApexPeak allows SMEs who are cash-strapped to sell their invoices in return for ...

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Ex-Rocket Internet crew all-in on Nigerian gift card startup Suregifts

suregifts While the idea of a gift card ecommerce startup isn't exactly novel, Suregifts from Lagos, Nigeria, has the type of VC backing and founder credentials that makes a startup stand out. Suregifts founders Olaoluwa Samuel-Biyi, Adeoye Ojo and Babafemi Lawal are ex-Rocket Internet employees. The German-headquartered company's love affair with Nigeria knows no bounds -- the serial-cloner has been aggressively chasing the country's fast-growing middle class over the last few years. Jumia, essentially an Amazon-clone, is considered Rocket's flagship West African business. ...