5 top SA online retail trends for 2014

Mobile shopping Online retailing has grown significantly in the last few years and increased online transactions are proving that South African consumers are feeling more and more comfortable translating their previously traditional purchasing habits to the more interactive and fast-paced online environment. Christy Turner, co-founder of Webtickets, the market leader in integrated online ticketing solutions in South Africa, says, “We have noticed incredible changes in the online retail environment in South Africa over the last 10 years and I’m proud to say that ...


Should all startups not have a radical transparency policy? The case of Buffer

glass piggy bank Last month the whole Buffer team's salaries got posted online, sparking a near viral conversation on the subject of business transparency and privacy. All employees were one board with the decision, though that didn't stop some people question the effectiveness of such a business philosophy. Below is some business implementations encouraging this experiment and their explanations. Seeing that the company has been showing impressive growth indicators recently, could this characteristic be one of its main drivers of success? If so, ...

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Pivot East heading back to Kenya for its 2014 run

pivot east The annual initiative brought to us by m:lab for the fourth time, Pivot East, is a mobile startup pitching competition and conference focusing on East Africa’s mobile developer and entrepreneurship scene. The six month annual programme is hailed for its success of last year's event held in Kampala, Uganda and has recently announced it will be taking place 24 to 25 June 2014 in Nairobi, Kenya. As mentioned on the site, planning for Pivot East 2014 has already started and ...

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Rocket Internet’s fashion e-store Daraz boasts impressive growth [infographic]

Daraz Daraz, Rocket Internet’s fashion e-store in Pakistan, has just released an infographic (below) showcasing its progress since its launch in July 2012. Daraz has amassed 360 brands on its site, and 14,000 clothing and accessory items -- for both men and women -- are now being sold there. The really surprising figure is that over 50% of Daraz’s orders come from outside the major cities in Pakistan. Given that Pakistan has an internet penetration rate of only around 15%, it’s a ...

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Disrupt everything: 22 Nigerian startups and problems worth solving

Lagos skyline Nigeria's startup scene is one of the most vibrant on the African continent. Nigerians are innovating in many areas, chasing the next big thing in a country where the audience is abundant and the opportunities are endless. With an estimated population of just over 170-million and an internet audience of more than 55-million, its 33% internet penetration means 67% of opportunity. Currently the only African country listed as the next economic powerhouse with the MINT alliance, Nigeria's growth is remarkable. ...

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Robohand takes low-cost prosthetics beyond Africa, targets Aus on Indiegogo

robohand logo Losing a limb is a painful trauma to endure, and yet whether through accident or disease, or being born without limbs, this is an ailment that affects many people the world over. Replacing limbs with prosthetics though, has long been an expensive affair, but 3D-printing promises to change all of that. South African Richard Van As, who lost four fingers on his dominant hand in a woodworking accident, sought to create a low-cost prosthetic hand and established Robohand in 2011 with ...

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China’s entrepreneurial landscape according to Ernst & Young

China lamp China's entrepreneurial landscape is integral to the country's growth and economic success -- 75% of new jobs each year and 68% of exports come from entrepreneurial ventures, says The EY G20 Entrepreneurship Barometer 2013 report. The in-depth report which surveyed 1500 entrepreneurs in twenty countries worldwide, across both the emerging and developed economies, was released in August 2013 and concludes that not only is China an "export giant" but it is also full of opportunities for local entrepreneurs. The report benchmarked ...

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Airware startup combats rhino poaching with cutting edge drones in Kenya

rhino Where there's a problem, there's a buck to be made. In Africa, wildlife conservation is one of those problems. While Kenya lost 50 rhinos in 2013 alone, South Africa recorded a massive loss of 946. Robotics startup Airware recently announced that it has partnered with East Africa’s largest black rhino sanctuary Ol Pejeta Conservancy to demonstrate a drone specifically designed for conservation. Originally based in San Francisco but currently operating in Kenya, Airware is showcasing anti-poaching UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) in ...

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Mail & Guardian CTO, WeChat Africa head among EMA Summit keynotes

EMA summit 2014 The Enterprise Mobility Africa Summit (EMA Summit) will be taking place at the Maslow Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg, 6-7 February 2014. The agenda is packed with industry speakers and geared to connect attendees with both the early adopters, and the developers of Enterprise Mobility (EM) technology. Keynote speakers at the summit are set to cover hot topics such as Alistair Fairweather, CTO of the Mail and Guardian, speaking about customer-facing applications and customer-driven mobility projects. As Fairweather was responsible for launching ...


This all-female startup aims to make online speed dating less creepy

Peekawoo A number of dating app startups have come out in Asia. In the Philippines, there’s one more startup to add to the list. Peekawoo offers a different take on meeting new people by putting speed dating on a web app. Peekawoo allows its users to chat with someone every two minutes. Just like actual speed dating, the goal is to quickly talk to people to see if chemistry exist between two people. If person A likes person B, he or she ...