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All posts tagged "OfferZen"

  • OfferZen expands offering, now includes designers and data scientists

    Job platform OfferZen has announced the addition of more areas of expertise in its offering. Founded by brothers Malan and Philip Joubert in 2015, the talent marketplace initially focused on the recruitment of software developers, but will now include user interface and user experience (UI and UX) designers, data scientists, product managers and more. In a press release to Ventureburn, OfferZen stated that it aims to become the single source of tech talent for companies. OfferZen was initially a curated job platform for programmers "Since our launch, we've had to turn away thousands of excellent people in many of these roles. Now employers will...

  • OfferZen hits 500-customer milestone, launches new pricing model for startups

    A year and a half since the launch of their talent marketplace, SA startup OfferZen has blasted through the milestone of 500 companies hiring software developers through their platform. OfferZen, which was launched in November 2015 by brothers Malan and Philip Joubert, connects companies with top software developers looking for permanent work. Employers register with OfferZen and are given access to a curated list of developers. The startup today launched a new pricing model, in the form of monthly billing. Instead of a 12.5% upfront fee, OfferZen will take 1.5% of a candidate's first-year salary every month for 10 months, the startup said in a...

  • Watch: Ventureburn chats to OfferZen founders about their ‘Journey’ in Silicon Valley

    Several years ago, the now founders of OfferZen went to Silicon Valley to create their own startup. Along the way, brothers Philip and Malan Joubert acquired an exceptional amount of knowledge about startups that they wouldn't have otherwise learned here. Ventureburn's editor, Graham van der Made, had a chance to sit down with the Jouberts to pick their brains about visas, finding a place to live, and pitching competitions. Read more: Watch: Ventureburn chats to OfferZen founders about Silicon Valley, Silicon Cape Watch the full video below:

  • Watch: Ventureburn chats to OfferZen founders about Silicon Valley, Silicon Cape

    The founders of OfferZen are no strangers to creating companies. The brothers had previously ventured to Silicon Valley where they not only founded Journey, but also went through an incredible learning process. Ventureburn's editor, Graham van der Made, had a chance to sit down with Philip and Malan Joubert to ask them about the differences between Silicon Valley and Silicon Cape, advice for entrepreneurs, and bootstrapping as opposed to receiving funding. Watch the full video below and keep an eye out for part two of our chat with the OfferZen brothers.

  • OfferZen passes recruitment milestone

    Online recruiting marketplace, OfferZen has helped more than 250 SA companies recruit top software developers through their platform. The recruitment platform has recently passed its recruiting milestone, having averaged 40% compound growth each month since its launch. According to OfferZen, they're now placing one developer into a permanent position every day. Software developers seeking a new job create a profile on the platform, which is followed by an advisory process on the hiring process of companies on OfferZen. The job seeker, with help from OfferZen, negotiates their salary and prepares for an interview to best understand how to market and sell themselves. To ensure that...

  • Looking for startup office space? Coworking SA can help you

    The popularity of coworking spaces in SA has soared in recent years as they offer an alternative to working from home or an office block. For entrepreneurs, these facilities also mean affordable places to run their business from, and access to almost anything they need for operations. As Philip Joubert of OfferZen discovered, many of these places aren't comprehensive enough in their online listings. In December, both Philip and his brother, Malan, were sharing an apartment, which acted as the base of operations for OfferZen. The two were sleeping on the floor and needed to roll up their beds before staff...

  • Recruitment marketplace OfferZen sees fantastic growth in SA dev sector

    Since Ventureburn last caught up with recruitment marketplace OfferZen in January, the Cape Town-based company has been flaunting some impressive growth. It has strengthened its team from three to nine in order to expand its operations to Gauteng and ultimately corner SA’s software developer job market. OfferZen is an online jobs marketplace for software developers. Both the companies seeking developers and the developers themselves apply to be listed on the website. Once accepted, companies send interview requests to developers, specifying salary, and benefits upfront. The developer can then choose whether they accept the interview request or not. While certainly not limited...

  • OfferZen wants to be the curated marketplace for SA’s top devs, top companies

    It's not easy finding the job you deserve in South Africa, especially if you're a talented developer exposed to what's on offer in, say, Silicon Valley. This might change as curated jobs marketplace OfferZen sets out to help top developers find the best jobs the South African tech industry has to offer. In 2014, two South African brothers Malan and Philip Joubert traveled to Silicon Valley where they pitched their startup Journey Apps to various venture capitalists. The entrepreneurs, who are also behind startup incubator FireID, wanted to know how difficult it was for a South African tech company to...