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To dream is as easy as breathing; it is one of the things that make us quintessentially human. But sometimes hopes and dreams get pushed aside due to time pressures and the daily grind. Now there is a social media solution that allows you to keep your dreams alive and in focus.

Launched September 9th 2010, the self funded project wants to help people make their dreams come true. It is both a website and an iPhone application that provides various fun tools which help people organise and connect their passions and create the type of life they wish to live.

The idea for CREATORmakers was born in the mind of Shereen Amos, an aspiring film maker with a creative outlook on life. “I was keen to see if I could create an iPhone app that could help one tease out and live the life of your dreams. So I approached Louise with the idea. She took a little convincing, but it wasn’t long before we began to design and play with ideas and, after a few concentrated retreats to the town of McGregor, CREATORmakers was born.”

Louise Sinclair, the other half of the partnership, is an ex-advertising executive who quit her job in 2001 after 16 years in an Adverting agency she founded to pursue her passion of becoming an artist.

The aim and purpose of the site and application is quite simple; you are given a set of fun tools to help you keep track of your dreams. It works as a journey; first you begin with a ‘Creator Mojo’ – which is a fun quiz to map your creativity. Once this is complete, you are guided onto the ‘Magic Carpet’ to discover the creative power of your imagination.

The next stage is “Against all odds”, which helps you focus on what you really want in your life. With the aid of the ‘Imagin-action’ toolbox you can “storyboard”, “breathe”, “voice” and “act” your dreams into reality.

The ‘Personal Online Journal’ helps you track and document your journey toward the life of your dreams; you are able to re-energize your ‘Creator Mojo’ with various tools like “love and desire”, “create”, “creative napping” and “attitude of gratitude”.

Creativity requires collaboration. “You can also ask for the help you need to fulfill your dreams on the Ask wall. And post and share your insights on the Aha! Wall,” says Amos.

Everything posted on the site is private to the user; however Shereen and Louise have chosen to share their experiences and their journey publicly.

The minute you enter the site, you are ushered into a fun and energetic space and led on your creative journey by the loveable Maynard, a cat worthy of the Cartoon Network and the CREATORmakers muse. “Everything within CREATORmakers is fun and a joy! CREATORmakers is not about self-improvement! We believe there is nothing to fix, only a passionate life to live, against all odds. And CREATORmakers invites you to do this. I am already experiencing the benefits with the manifestation of a long held dream, my first solo art exhibition in early November this year,” says Louise.

The duo hopes to create a global community of creators, where people can share their insights and learned experiences. “We think there is great value in this alone. So the first priority is to encourage people to sign up and get into and share their experience,” says Amos.

The duo have great plans for CREATORmakers, such as workshops for budding entrepreneurs – creative, social, inventors, and new wealth creators. They also hope to provide online support through coaching circles, online products and merchandise that will help users create the life they want to live.

Amos concludes by saying that “We are planning to produce a documentary series called Living the Dream against all odds,” which will chronicle the journeys of curious and inspiring creators who have followed their passions against all odds.



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