Providing a platform for South Korean startups: BeLaunch

South Korea is a leading player in the global tech industry with Korean brands leaving their mark in various sectors. While we hear a lot about South Korean firms innovating and pushing the envelope, there is hardly any platform to showcase the thriving software and tech startup scene in South Korea.

BeLaunch hopes to do just that by giving a platform for Korean startups and at the same time enable people and organizations outside Korea to tap into the exciting world of Korean entrepreneurship.

BeLaunch is an initiative of BeSuccess which is one of South Korea’s leading media platforms focused on startups and technology. BeLaunch will be hosted in Seoul on 13 and 14 June 2012.

“With 1000+ attendees, 142 startups from Korea participating in the startup battle, international investors and media, we can claim to be the biggest such event in South Korea. Our sponsors and partners include Samsung, Amazon Web Services, Qualcomm Q Prize, Google and more. We want to showcase some of the best Korean startups during BeLaunch and facilitate connections between Korean startups and the global startup community” James Jung, Founder and CEO of BeSuccess said.

BeLaunch is a platform that is designed to act as a launch pad for startups from Korea and other countries. If you are tech startup looking for global recognition, entry into the South Korean market and attention from investors and corporates then do check out BeLaunch startup battle.

If you are a startup based out of anywhere in the world and would like to present your startup at BeLaunch then register for the ‘BeLaunch Startup Battle’. Twenty shortlisted startups will present their innovative products during BeLaunch on June 13th and 14th 2012.

South Korea is one of the most connected countries on earth and also one of the most tech-savvy meaning that it is a potentially great environment for startups.



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