Lights, camera, valuation: Silicon Valley reality show on track for later this year

A new reality show announced earlier this year, tentatively titled “Silicon Valley” is shaping up to be a riot, by the looks of things.

The New York Times published an update on the show’s progress and provides some insight into what viewers can expect. The show is set to air in the latter part of the year and being a Bravo TV production, the show is sure to ruffle a few tech industry feathers as it explores the “raucous reality of the tech industry in 2012.”

As reported earlier, Mark Zuckerberg’s older sister, Randi is an an executive producer of the series. The New York Times reveals that a former Facebook colleague of Randi Zuckerberg’s vented on Twitter that she was “terrified” the series would turn Silicon Valley “into a laughingstock of an industry.” Zuckerberg replied that enough people in the industry make laughingstocks of themselves, “the show is just capturing reality.”

Bravo’s president mentioned to the New York Times that the series was not intended to capture the mood of the entire valley or depict the humdrum aspects of reality. “In the editing process, we try to get rid of everything that is going to be a snooze,” she said.

If you’re an aspiring startup from an emerging market and you’ve always wondered what life is like in Silicon Valley, take this one with a pinch of salt. One thing is sure though, if Bravo managed to pull me in to watching a show about fashion (Project Runway), this show is going to be a fun ride.



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