Must watch: Faux startup Vooza pokes fun at startup culture

Gameface solemnly shelved, Ventureburn takes a breath to celebrate two videos that brilliantly spoof our bizarre and wonderful startup culture.

The first video, released recently, sees an anodyne narrator — tongue firmly in cheek — hazily describe its fictitious (we think?) company called Vooza, while bandying about buzz terms like “crowdsourcing”, acronyms like API and S3, and hip development frameworks such as Ruby on Rails. There’s name dropping by means of tech investor slash celebrity, Ashton Kutcher and a mention of startup incubator, Y Combinator — that rejected them, apparently.

How about a revenue model? Vooza thinks revenue is a journey not a ride, but one thing is for certain, “Vooza is the app you never knew you wanted.”

In the follow-up video, Vooza’s founders describe — or not at all — Vooza the app, their design philosophy, learning from failure, and “Radimparency.” If the first video doesn’t have you contemplating buying equity in Vooza yet, you’re about to. Why? Because Vooza is a “volcano and it’s about to disrupt.”

The script is full of epic punch lines and an epic pivot story, but frankly, we’ve already said too much. Just watch.

*Shout-out to The Geeklist for bringing this gem to our attention.



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