Xtreme Data Premium: uncapped data for high-end Lumia phones

Following the launch of its flat-rate Xtreme Data service, Nashua Mobile will roll out the service to more Nokia devices and launch a premium version of the service for smartphone users with higher-end data needs.

The premium version, called Xtreme Data Premium will support the mid-range Lumia 710 and 610, as well as the high-end Lumia 900 and 800.

At R139 per month, Xtreme Data Premium offers up to 400MB of high-speed data before the Average Use Policy (AUP) kicks in and the data service is throttled or shaped. This compares to the 100MB users on the standard Xtreme Data package may use before the AUP takes effect. YouTube is not blocked on the Xtreme Data Premium service — unlike the standard service.

The standard service, was launched in March this year as an alternative to the popular BlackBerry Internet Service. The standard Xtreme Data service from Nashua Mobile is a fixed-cost data service priced at R59 per month. The flat-rate service — currently available for a range of Nokia devices — offers customers data for email, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, browsing and more.

The standard service has been extended to the budget Nokia Asha 300, 303 and 201. The default web browser on these devices offers up to 90% compression when browsing — good news for users want to spend around R200 a month (including data) on their smartphones.

Shaping or throttling means that your download speed is decreased once you have used a certain amount of data. Nashua Mobile says that in most cases users will only notice the slower download speed when they are streaming data or downloading apps or games. Everyday use of services like WhatsApp, Email, Facebook and Browsing should remain fine.

The Xtreme Data service is currently exclusive to Nokia devices, but Nashua Mobile says that customers can look forward to other platforms being added to the service soon.



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