Knowledge Bridge to help news businesses transition to digital

Media Development Loan Fund (MDLF), the New York-based, “investment fund for independent news outlets in countries with a history of media oppression,” recently launched Knowledge Bridge. The website and monthly newsletter contains best practices, strategies, trends, data and resources to help news outlets in emerging markets make the transition from traditional to digital media.

The site strays away from focusing on digital editorial innovation. Instead, it provides information, analysis and resources to MDLF’s clients — and indeed anyone involved in the news industry — about the digital news business.

The site falls in line with MDLF’s goals which is to provide low-cost capital and technical know-how to journalists in challenging environments such as Africa, Asia, Latin America, Southeast Europe and the CIS, in order to build sustainable businesses around professional, responsible, quality journalism.

Readers can expect to find a wealth of resources, from news on the latest mobile trends in Africa, to analysis of paid content models and guides on how to measure and optimise a Google AdSense campaign.

Knowledge Bridge is also building a global network of contributors to provide independent media leaders with the actionable intelligence they need to develop digitally.



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