Mxit woos app developers with Preferred Developer Programme

So, you want to outsource the development of a Mxit app, but who are the top Mxit API wranglers? With the launch of Mxit’s new Preferred Developer Programme (PDP) you should have a pretty good idea.

The social network says that the PDP was created with the aim of recognising and rewarding the best developers focused on building apps for third parties. “The programme is designed to connect people who want custom Mxit apps built with the best developers available for hire. It’s also a great opportunity for us to acknowledge some of the best developers on Mxit who continue to build on their knowledge and insight of what works,” says Andy Volk, VP of Developer Relations at Mxit.

Mxit needs more developers. Since the social network embraced its open platform strategy in 2012, it has seen an increasing need for developers who can design, build and manage applications for clients such as Media 24, Colgate and a number of South African financial institutions.

Volk hopes the PDP will better match clients with developers. “In the past, the challenge for clients has been finding the right people to build their apps. The introduction of our Preferred Developer Directory, which lists developers’ details as well as their Mxit portfolios, solves that by helping clients find the right developer for their needs,” says Volk.

So far the PDP has eight members, Bazooka Games, Cytrus, Deloitte Digital RSA, Harsi Games, INESSOFT, Kazazoom, NATIVE and Springfisher.

“These developers have excellent track records as innovators who know how to create winning client solutions, and we wanted to highlight them for prospective clients,” says Volk.

Mxit encourages more developers to apply for the programme.



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