5 reasons why working for a startup can kick-start your career

“I love my job” isn’t something you hear very often, is it?

Well, I love my job. Ever since I started working for a UK-based startup five years ago, I’ve never looked back. Still working at a startup, currently at mobile marketing company TextMagic, I’ve taken some time to reflect on the reasons why I find working at startups so compelling.

I have heard from many people that they avoid working for a startup as they see it as unstable, low paying, unambitious — or even all three. But that is a very short-sighted attitude — working for a startup can be an incredible experience and can also set you up for a successful and prosperous career in the future.

Here are five reasons why you should snap up that startup position.

1. Experience across the spectrum

Startups tend to work on a skeleton staff — there is no budget for separate marketing departments, accounts departments and HR, and that means you have to turn your hand to a bit of everything, which provides invaluable insight into different aspects of running a company and shows how an organisation works as a whole.

2. Space to be yourself

Startups tend to be collaborative, rather than top-down organisations, so you are unlikely to have a boss in the traditional sense of the word. This will give you more freedom to be creative and explore your own ideas.

But, it also means working on your own initiative, motivating yourself and quite often logging pretty long working hours — which you often end up enjoying.

3. Bureaucracy is kept at bay

Startups tend to be spontaneous and ideas are acted on quickly as there is no need to seek approval from various departments. That makes it a very fast-paced environment where you have to think on your feet and react quickly to events — fantastic skills for the future.

4. You understand how to go it alone

As part of a startup you actually have a huge amount of responsibility, as decisions you make can have a direct result on the success or demise of the organisation. This level of responsibility is great training for subsequent career roles.

5. You get to deal with everyone

As part of a startup, you are going to be asked to deal with many different people. One day you may be pitching for business to an MD of a major organisation, the next it could be interviewing office cleaners — knowing how to deal with people at all levels is an invaluable skill.

At first the amount of responsibility can seem overwhelming, but you stand to learn a lot about yourself and how to run a business.

In my experience, you end up spending most of your time at work, so build your career by enjoying what you do every day.

Give startups a chance, you might find working at one to be one of the most valuable experiences of your life.

Triin Linamagi


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