Entrepreneurs Bootcamp launches with free online courses for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs Bootcamp is a collection of nine free courses covering different aspects of entrepreneurship, designed by leading South African entrepreneurs. It’s all kinds of brilliant and well worth a look.

The project was designed for the Cape Town branch of the Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO) by online education company GetSmarter, with sponsorship from Van Schaik Publishers. The courses on offer include “Identifying opportunities”, “The legal environment”, “Effective marketing” and “Management and growth”.

According to Sam Paddock, Managing Director at GetSmarter, “These 9 courses have been designed specifically for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. We’ve recorded over 90 video interviews with some of South Africa’s leading entrepreneurs, and combined them with relevant textbook content and engaging interactive quizzes, making these courses perfect learning tools for people who want to become better entrepreneurs”.

Entrepreneurs Bootcamp is built on the same platform used by GetSmarter to offer certificate short courses in association with the University of Cape Town. The online course material on offer aims to equip entrepreneurs with skills of both an academic and a practical nature, and includes notes, video interviews and quizzes, providing a mixed-method eLearning model.

Any one of the nine courses can be completed as desired, but a “certificate in entrepreneurship” from the Entrepreneurs Organisation is on offer if all nine are completed within one year. The certificate serves to acknowledge participation.

The Entrepreneurs Organisation, a global business network operating in 35 countries, has been in operation since 1988. The organisation aims to foster interaction between small and large business owners, encouraging mutual learning, growth and greater business success.

GetSmarter is a specialist online education company that works together with universities and industry experts to present short courses in South Africa. GetSmarter’s Business Solutions division provides customised online education solutions to clients.

Hannes Geldenhuys, who heads up the GetSmarter Business Solutions division, believes that “The EO Entrepreneurs Bootcamp delivers great content and powerful ideas. I hope that entrepreneurs will make the most of what it has to offer and am proud to be part of the initiative.”

Learn more about the initiative in the video below.



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