Innovate, network at hack-a-thon that brought the world the tweeting hamster

Hellocomputer and Draftfcb are all set to host the first of their tri-annual hack-a-thon of 2013 at their Johannesburg office, in May.

The frenetic 48-hour event briefs and pits teams against each other to produce the most innovative and refreshing “invention” from whatever means necessary — no matter how bizarre or unconventional those means might be.

It’s a no holds barred experience, and one many talented tech-savvy (programmers, engineers) and creative (designers) individuals should consider for the opportunities it might well provide.

The hack-a-thon setup is not designed to show off new businesses, nor is it about finding investors for “your next great idea”. For the competitors it’s an opportunity to show off their skills and talent while doing some networking at the same time.

There’s a strong chance that some of the people likely to attend are not investors in businesses or ideas, but investors in people — those employers looking for skilled and talented programmers, designers, engineers and the like — meaning the event could result in the odd headhunting for the right candidate.

Hellocomputer’s executive director, Mark Tomlinson, had this to say of the event’s “round two:”

The first Hack-a-Thon we held was an awe-inspiring event resulting in incredible innovation, but there are definitely things we’ll be doing a little differently this time round.

We have a specific brief and theme, which we must keep under wraps, which we think will make for a whole lot of fun for both contestants and judges.

Hack-a-thon is an open event; we want everyone to experience it. Anyone is welcome to pull through, spectate or submit a team if they’re up for the challenge. Come on, be one of those mech-magicians that astound us; sign up today.

After the intense 48-hours of the “hack” teams present their pride-and-joys before a panel of judges where last year’s teams showcased inventions such as an iPhone-controlled quadrocopter, an equaliser made out of slinkys and the winner… a tweeting hamster.

According to the official site — the winning team will receive prize money, “unmarked bills, the likes of which would impress Castro.”

Those interested in entering the first event of 2013 should email for further information or visit the event’s official website.



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