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3 steps for accelerating your startup’s productivity into high growth

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Our main focus here is entrepreneurial productivity and it can teach you how to be strong and financially powerful, so you can free yourself up to go on to other, more important things in life. With that in mind, I am going to fill you in on 3 important steps to increasing entrepreneurial productivity. These three steps will help you take action to build skills and create an environment that supports consistent focus, business growth and profit.

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1. Know what you want to achieve with your business

If you haven’t reached your financial goals in life, then I recommend that you keep your business goals specifically clustered around how much you to want to grow, how much you want to earn in profit, and how much you want to take home in the form of income.

Once you identify your specific money and financial goals, you take a big step toward actually realizing them. It is said that the human mind is a sort of “Google for goals.” You can go to Google and type in a search phrase, then use a system that cost billions and billions of dollars to develop to find you the most relevant matches. It’s one of the miracles of modern technology.

But the human mind is still more powerful. If you put a specific goal into your mind, it automatically goes to work checking the goal against everything it currently knows to see if it can create matches, steps and links. It then goes to work looking at every successive experience, looking for opportunities to help move you closer to the outcome you want.

2. Clarify your view of what’s in your way

Don’t be a chaser: The insidious aspect of the CHASER is the in-the-moment feeling which triggers us to start something and never finishing it. We are consistently chasing idea after idea when our compulsive habit kicks in. Don’t be chaser, in the long run it causes more stress and confusion for yourself.

Beware the rabbit holes: As the world becomes more complex, there are more pieces to every puzzle, more things to go wrong, and more Rabbit Holes to get lost inside of, trying to figure out how to fix one problem… that leads to another one… that leads to another one. Ignore the process of getting “sucked in” to a distraction that keeps unfolding into a bigger and bigger problem.

Systemic Interruptions: So what is a “systemic” interruption? It’s a type interruption that you can predict will happen. Removing distractions and interruptions are the #1 priority in business today. What this mean is that, for many people, there are so many things set up in their life that consistently distract them and interrupt them, that until they fix this issue, they aren’t going to get anything done.

3. Identify the actions that give you the highest money return

There are many different things in life that are valuable. Some things are valuable because we desire them, and some things are important to avoid. Most people invest their time, attention, and resources to either get or avoid things that they desire or dislike. In business, the point is to achieve a specific type of value – what we can call “economic value.”

We do what is often termed “work” in order to achieve the type of security, success and lifestyle that we want for ourselves and those we love. The value we seek in our business activities is usually measured in money… the money we receive in return for the work that we do and the time we invest. Money is the key measure of business success. If you’re making a lot of it, then your business is basically judged “successful” — and you are judged successful, as well.

Productivity is the ability to get the result that you want. Being an entrepreneur, is the art of building a profitable business. Establishing entrepreneurial productivity is wanting and having the ability to build a business that grows, makes profit, and gives you increasing income.

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