Meet the startups pitching at South Korea’s biggest startup conference

beLAUNCH, South Korea’s Biggest startup and technology conference has revealed this year’s 20 top startups from Korea and abroad which will be presenting at the event. The two day conference which aims to support startups to grow and scale will attract leading startups, investors, developers and representatives from technology companies in Korea and abroad.

James Jung, Founder and CEO of beSUCCESS says that more than 2000 attendees are expected for this year’s event.

The top 20 also include the winner of beLAUNCH Tokyo edition, Conyac. The winner of beLAUNCH India edition, UMobile will be presenting on the stage along with the top 20 startups from Startup Battle.

Let’s take a look at the beLAUNCH 2013 Startup Battle entries.


ChattingCat is a platform that connects non-native speakers who want to express their thoughts in English to native speakers who want to help. When the connection is made, non-native speakers get instant correction of their written English.


SinglePet is a machine-to-machine technology which enables pet owners to have access to their pets through a SinglePet device and a smartphone app. The hardware can for example, feed pets by dispensing food pellets.


CLOUDVISION provides cloud storage and streaming across devices, with an emphasis on home entertainment and smart TVs. The startup has some Android apps for this service too.


Corping’s product is a task management application for manual labourers and blue-collar workers.

Conyac by AnydooR

Conyac is a crowd-sourced translation service. The startup won beLAUNCH Tokyo edition.

Shakr by Shakr Media

Shakr is a web-based video creation and editing app, making it easy to add lighting, cuts, music, sound effects, narration, and more. It got funding from 500 Startups back in December.


Lookpage is an easy and practical ‘social co-op communicating platform’ meant for cooperation and collaboration. The team was motivated to develop this service based on the shortcomings they experienced while using tools such as Facebook, Dropbox, Messenger, Email and phone.


Tripvi is a social travel site for both sharing photos and planning trips. It sorts out your travel photos automatically by location, and can turn your journey into a beautiful movie.


DGMIT’s B2 is a platform and engine that lets developers build upon a way to connect smartphones and other devices, like smart TVs or tablets. is a mobile marketing center for small businesses. Users can quickly create and manage a home page; publish URLs of content (e.g. brochures, videos) and deliver them to customers via Kakaotalk, SMS or email and Data analytics


Twinword is compiling a database of knowledge about word associations that is being created by the direct participation of people throughout the world. This makes it possible to analyse trends and different thought patterns on per-region and temporal basis. They are able to apply these analyses to produce more pertinent search engine results and target advertisements more accurately.


Phonegle is a smartphone application that helps a callee to see the caller’s information before deciding to answer the phone. Many existing “stop-spam call” applications fail to stop spam calls because most of them are based on the outdated “spam phone number” database. Phonegle is a real-time database.


500videos allows you to create an explainer animation in minutes for free. Choose from 100s of free explainer animation templates, customise any content, images, voiceover, look and feel, and create an awesome free explainer animation with ease.


Wishket is an online workplace for freelancers and companies with the following components: matching and evaluation system; online workroom; project payment protection

Mango IDE by JDLab

Mango IDE offers IUML (Integrated Unified Markup Language), which is based on JSON. This markup language has clear visualisation data and action information. Mango’s UI is said to be “simple” like that of Xcode or Adobe Photoshop. Actions are performed by simply selecting and dragging.

Musicloud by Ideabove

Ideabove Inc. is a social music startup . At beLaunch 2013, Ideabove unveils their new music service ‘Musicloud’ which is for meeting new local friends based on users’ music taste. Once you select location, gender and range of age of people you want to meet, Musicloud engine will match new friends for you who have similar music taste to you and live in the same region by comparing and analyzing users’ music playlists.


Martmoa calls itself an intelligent grocery marketplace. It optimises shopping baskets and experiences with unique price comparison and optimisation processes. Unlike its counterparts’ apple-to-apple and item-by-item comparison, Martmoa not only compares price by basket, but also locates the best substitutables and generates the cheapest basket by combining multiple sellers.

MessageSong by TGENS

MessageSong is a mobile messaging application that converts text message into a song automatically.

STEP by WePlanet

STEP is a personal smart journal that makes it easy and fun to record your life moments with icon-clicks.

Fine Chart by LifeSemantics

Fine Chart is a translation service for medical records written in English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, and Korean.



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