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Have a sustainable business plan that needs funding? Emerging Stars might help you out. Operating mainly in emerging markets and driven by models of sustainability, the organization links entrepreneurs’ products and services with international investors and distributors. Although the website was launched in 2008, the site’s design recently got revamped into having “a sustainable business model” while also focusing on its “free business listings.”

“Opportunities in Emerging Markets” reads the slogan of the company. The initiative was founded by Raymond Hasselerharm in an attempt to promote foreign trade and investment as well as help relieving poverty. The initiative first started off being mainly documentary-series focused on Emerging Stars TV and Africa Report TV. With the ease of access and popularity of internet exposure, Emerging Stars seems to be putting more focus on its online presence.

It now provides potential investors with “Business Plans, Balance Sheets, Cashflow Projections, [and] Income Statements” allowing potential investors detailed information about the services in question. The site gives entrepreneurs from emerging markets business tips and articles but also “helps them get informed and inspired.”

Emerging Star’s main aim is to “stimulate entrepreneurship as a solution to poverty and unemployment.” With success stories including Rent-A-Green Box which was launched in 2005. The company rents out plastic storage boxes instead of promoting common, non-recyclable cardboard boxes and today is a multi-million-dollar business. Other stories include “greenhouse farming in Rwanda” or “plastic recycling machinery from Turkey.”

Potential businesses can register on the website by providing their organization’s details. They then undergo a thorough background check, where things like current financial situations, sustainability and commercial stances (do you have a business plan?), etc. are checked out. The businesses are then accordingly rated out of three stars. After the background check, application reports are sent in exclusivity to their partners. Those who don’t make the cut, are put on the website for public exposure. Potential investors or funders who are interested in more detailed information are charged a fee of about between US$150 and US$200.

Jacques Coetzee: Staff Reporter


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