Around the world in 7 startups: travelling ventures with a twist


If you’re planning on quitting your job anytime soon to travel the oyster that is our world, then this list will probably come in handy. On the other hand, if you’re merely interested in travel startups trying something new in emerging markets, it’ll also be interesting.

The web seems to be overflowing with travel and tourism startups. So much so that finding one that matters is difficult. Standing out from the rest means that entrepreneurs need to think outside of the box.


First off, let’s say you want to go to Vietnam. In that case make sure you make use of Triip. Said to be the Airbnb for travel planning, this interesting venture is currently running a project on Indiegogo in an attempt to raise funds through the popular crowdfunding site. Interestingly, Triip’s crowdsourcing philosophy stretches further than it’s financing– the company’s mainly trying to encourage and preserve the local culture as well as the tourism industry. The site wants to allow “anybody with a tour idea to create their own package and sell to interested tourists.” So, this initiative is for the niche travelers who wants to experience a more sentimental and original culture of a country.



This Kenyan-based startup is an online service-delivery platform. According to Dash2do’s pitch on the website, it provides “errand runners, private drivers, cash delivery, travel bookings, luggage storage, luggage shipping and mobile phone tracking”. Using mobile tracking and modern payment technology, Dash2do provides services like taxi drivers, cash delivery and online bookings.



In an attempt at making the taxi-industry a safer and easier option for tourists and locals alike, SaferTaxi lets you locate, request, pay and rate taxis. Using GPS and an interactive map this app offers a variety of features that improve taxi riding efficiency and personal safety in South America. The startup has become Startup Chile’s most funded company and has raised a massive US$4.2-million so far. Currently the service is available in Buenos Aires, Argentina, São Paulo, Brazil, and Santiago, Chile,



This one really stands out. Bringing you “best of the worst,” this Czech-based startup brings the silver lining to the dark cloud that is corruption. This humorous yet insightful take on the “sleazy” and “crony” side on Prague’s wildlife includes a package tour of “Three Prague hospitals notorious for graft and sleaze.” This is truly an inspiring venture of making a good thing out of the bad. This startup is really worth keeping an eye on.



This Singaporean platform brings guests and hosts together. TravelMob is an Airbnb style startup focused on the budget group of travelers venturing into Asia. What sets it apart from Airbnb though is the fact that it has a different offering to its competitor. For example, you can not only book a cozy room with local families, there are also things like a whole island available in the Philippines.

globali uses web and mobile-enabled technology to link boutique hotels throughout Africa with tourists and travelers across the globe. The startup features an easy cost-effective solution to further its ambition of an open-reservation ecosystem. Currently, this startup is in Beta and is Africa-based. It is however planning on expanding its service to other emerging markets later on.



The average traveler can’t visit India and not have a thorough enjoyment of its most popular historical monument. TajPlus is an app designed by startup India 4 Gap Year wanting to provide a high-tech solution to experiencing the Taj Mahal. It uses GPS technoogy incorporated into a detailed museum guide. It also aims to steer independent travelers away from the sometimes overwhelming tour guides to a more simple and basic app.

Jacques Coetzee: Staff Reporter


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