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Today has announced its partnership with Indonesia’s largest non-profit youth organization Karang Taruna. The aim in this partnership is to connect Indonesia’s local neighborhood entrepreneurs to the global crowdsourcing community.

No ad to show here. is an Indonesian-based that creates awareness and uses crowdsourcing as a platform to “flip social challenges to individuals to empower change.” This is mainly done on a global scale– connecting social entrepreneurs that use crowdsourcing to co-design solutions. The organization plans to expand to the rest of South East Asia and other emerging markets.

Karang Taruna has 10-million active members and although spanning across 500 cities, is mainly based in Jakarta. The city is said to be the most active city on Twitter and has the fourth largest population on Facebook.

Using microfinancing as well as crowdsourcing knowledge, ideas, services, material and content from a broad and active group of people such as Karung Taruna and Jakarta, hopes to increase its reach in promoting and connecting entities active in social challenges. This is mainly done by using “technology and advanced semantics to elevate visibility and identify social challenges for both global and local communities to co-design solutions.”

Through the partnership with Karang Taruna, FlipOver users will “have access to millions of neighborhood volunteers driving local projects, and in turn, these projects can connect to an extensive global support network, just imagine what is possible,” says Jorge García del Arco, founder,

Chairman of Karang Taruna, Taufan Eko Nugroho Rotorasiko also shows his enthusiasm towards this partnership:

“Karang Taruna is a network of youth organizations in villages that empowers kids and adults through activities from playing sports, learning financial skills and creating artwork – our organization teaches important skills from leadership and community values, to accepting diversity. FlipOver is leading the way to support and grow communities like ours in real, substantive ways.” is also responsible for Social GPS which is a tool used to identify, tagged, categorized and measured to seeks to generate the most comprehensive online database of social needs. Through this initiative the organization aims to create greater awareness about the world’s biggest challenges.

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