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Taking instant messaging to the next level: 2go Bread in Nigeria

Okay this is pretty awesome. You know you have made it when your company has its own food and you didn’t even know about it. Popular instant messaging platform 2go got a nice a little surprise when they saw this, a loaf of bread brandishing its logo.

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2go, much like other chat platforms, allows its users to message each other for free, meet new people and share updates and photos with friends and family. The platform uses a mobile currency, GoCredits, that enables users to buy content, play games and message each other in chat rooms.

This photo, taken in Nigeria, shows the 2go logo being used as a bread brand. According to this Nairaland thread (Nigeria’s Criagslist), the bread was spotted in a small town of Asaba, in the country’s Delta region.

It’s not surprising that Nigerians have taken their love of the IM service into food production. The platform is insanely popular in the country surpassing Facebook in usage.

According to the service, it has more than 30-million registered users in total and is reporting an average of 50 000 new registrations per day and just over 10-million of those users are in Nigeria.

The next time you’re buying bread in Nigeria, try the 2go brand and tell us what you think. Also if you spot some Twitter cookies or Facebook chocolate, drop us a mail.

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