Zapacab signs 4 Cape Town cab companies for exclusive July soft launch

Getting a Taxi in South Africa is difficult at the best of times. Calling through to a noisy dispatch centre and shouting your pickup location and cell phone number through the receiver is inefficient. Then to be told you’ll need to wait half an hour, even though you’re in the city centre, well that’s just painful. And lets hope the driver finds you. Thankfully, Zapacab is going to change all that.

The startup has now signed up four Cape Town Cab companies to become the foundation for the its new Mobile Cab Hailing service. It will be doing a soft launch during the month of July, offering the service to those users who sign up at Once the Cape Town Cab network is up and running Zapacab will begin to improve both Johannesburg and Durban’s Cab Transport systems, which it is already in talks with.

The way the app works is simple. Users will go to the Zapacab mobile-website and enter their cell phone number. Zapacab will detect their location, and once “Zap me a Cab!” is clicked, five of the closest certified cab drivers will be sent a message with the first to accept it receiving the user’s request and map location. They can then monitor the Cab approaching on a map, as well as see how long he will take.

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