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11 interesting tech startups kickstarting Brazilian education

As should be the case in most parts of the world, Brazil’s education startups are booming. From interactive games and online video lectures to cross-platform mobile quizzes and preparation applications — they are all over the place. And all using technology to the benefit of reaching greater audiences, sharing and connecting crucial information and using interactivity to grow and maintain interests.

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Start-Up Brasil recently announced 56 startups to be part of a programme launched by the federal government to accelerate the development of new companies. Interestingly enough, about 20% of the featured startups are focused on education, 14% represent the retail sector, followed by the tourism, health and financial industries.

Each startup will receive approximately US$87 000 and will participate in one of nine accelerator programmes in Brazil. In total, 908 startups submitted their applications to gain contacts, training and mentorship in management. Startups will build new relationships and gain access to a network of other companies and investors. Most of these startups mentioned are successful applicants in the Startup Brasil programme.

Granted most of their sites are in Portuguese, but they’re still interesting and maybe you could pick up some inspiration. Also be sure to let us know if we’ve left any notable names out of the picture.


The startup wants to fill the gap it refers to as the student-teacher disconnect. The EduSynch platform is an interactive piece of software that allows students to continuously assess their levels of proficiency. This self-assessment tool is said to be a first and integrated with low-cost hardware, aims to be relevant to the students subject matter and current curriculum.

Kudo Learning:

Kudo uses mobile language-learning solutions to help young children learn second languages. The startup creates interactive, adaptive, content-driven educational programming for mobile platforms to provide a fun, engaging, and intuitive experience for young learners.


Yet another online learning site that uses videos to prepare students for admission exams. The company has partnered with the Brazilian mobile operator Vivo to deliver SMS-based content to registered users as well. The website offers over 3 000 recorded lectures on subjects that range from Portuguese and Physics to Mathematics and Biology.


This startup also uses interactivity to stimulate interest as it aims to provide intelligent solutions combining technology, education and citizenship. The platform simulates a city where students can walk and learn about new and interesting subjects.


The website offers courses, live classes and articles on coding. Mainly revolving around apps, you can learn about the development, design, monetization and marketing. As long as you speak Portuguese, that is.


Founded about a year ago, AppProva is a mobile application platform that enables high school students to practice for university admission tests. This is done using fun and interactive methods such as providing games. The students’ knowledge is tested and shared with friends to give the experience a more social feature. It’s available through various platforms such as Facebook, Android and iOS.


Like AppProva, this startup focuses on preparing students for their university admissions. Instead of using interactive games, the website offers over 100 course video lessons covering the most general high school material. We have seen how popular, and sometimes lucrative, online video lessons can become. AulaLivre is free and has other downloadable features such as exercises and tests.


Founded in 2009, EADBox is a platform that aims to connect people wanting to share learning courses and people who want to use them. The company believes that by doing technology such as this, it can solve inefficiencies in the process of learning.


Veduca offers 277 courses and over 5 000 online classes from top universities including MIT, Harvard, Yale and Princeton. These classes are translated into Brazilian Portuguese. By the end of last year, the startup has attracted as many as 1-million unique visitors. The startup aims to democratize education in Brazil.


Sharing the concept of connecting and sharing with EADbox, Easyaula is “the Brazilian marketplace for offline classes,” says The Next Web. The website the startup offers, shows where students can attend or offer classes, lectures and workshops.


Evobooks covers Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography and History. Content are published in a range of different formats such as ebooks, apps, 3D demonstrations and other interesting learning products. Evobooks wants to transform the learning experience of the student before, during and after school.

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