Foodpanda drives into Czech Republic, munches further into Brazil

Foodpanda panda on a bike

The ever-expanding food delivery service foodpanda has just launched in Czech Republic. At the same time, going under the name hellofood, it acquired its Brazilian competitor MegaMenu in a bid to strengthen its presence in Latin America.

Housed under Rocket Internet’s umbrella, foodpanda goes by the name hellofood in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. These recent expansions will put foodpanda serves a total market of 3 billion covering 28 countries on five continents. On top of this, the company says it’s planning future rollouts in the coming months.

Hellofood launched in Brazil six months ago and has since acquired Janamesa, reportedly doubling its userbase in that country. MegaMenu is located in Rio de Janeiro and its 200 restaurants and 4 000 users will be integrated into hellofood’s Brazilian branch.

Co-founder Marcelo Ferreira says that “hellofood is now providing the most comprehensive food delivery coverage in Rio de Janeiro. For MegaMenu’s users, the migration to our platform will be a seamless process and will also allow them to place orders via the hellofood mobile apps.”

This news follows similar moves in Asia and Eastern Europe earlier in the year. As the cheerful panda drives into further markets, the company is definitely on a global expansion roll and has in May secured more than US$20-million in investment funding.

Ralf Wenzel, Co-Founder of foodpanda: “This is a proud day for us. The two most recent acquisitions in Brazil show that we assert ourselves against local competition. At the same time, we are following through with our international rollout to satisfy global demand, as in the Czech Republic. We have earned our place as the top food delivery platform worldwide.”

Jacques Coetzee: Staff Reporter


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