miPayslip: latching onto the growing trend of mobile payslip services in Africa


miPayslip claims to offer an affordable and easy way for employees to receive information about there payslips electronically via their phones. This is only part of a growing trend of services using mobile devices in receiving bulk information such as payslips.

miPayslip enables employees to receive their payslips directly on their mobile phone. The company behind this, Cellfind is responsible for providing location-based services. “There’s no quicker, cheaper and easier way to deliver payslips to your employees than via their mobile devices,” says Jacques Swanepoel, MD at Cellfind.

Payroll providers can now send bulk text messages each carrying a unique WAP link or USSD string (*120*456#) that are then used to retrieve the payslip. This is said to be a secure process, protected by a unique password that guarantee the confidentiality of payroll information.

Similarly, Sage Pastel last year launched an SMS as well as Android, Windows and iOS service last year in Kenya. This initiative called Sage VIP is meant to be a mobile-based human resource application that provides enable subscriber firms have their employees get alerts when their pay has been processed and view payslips on their mobile phones.

In South Africa, SmartSlip was also launched last year by a company called Page Automation that’s service allows employers to send payslips via SMS. PayrollPRO by the Tax Shop is also worth noting as being a promising competitor in this arena. Apart from using other employee information such as leave for example, using this services also makes it easier to export payroll information to South Africa’s Revenue Service.

Swanepoel also notes that “nearly every employed person in the country carries a cellphone, but not everyone in the average company’s workforce has email access.” Mobile payslips services are part of an affordable solution to make it easier for businesses in Africa to share and keep record of valuable information about their employees.



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