Flexibility vs instability: pros and cons of working at a startup [Infographic]

Like most things in life, working at a young dynamic startup company has its ups and downs. A recent unofficial survey of more than 150 startup employees suggests that low pay and lack of company structure are what concern them the most.

What the survey has noted is that many of a startup company’s characteristics are double-edged swords. For instance, having an open-minded work environment might mean that there’ll be more space for your ideas but it lacks organisational structure. That and low salary-compensation for your work were rated as being the most concerning downsides of working at a startup company.

The survey also quoted a respondent saying that while a certain amount of hype can be good for a startup ecosystem for scooping up talent for instance, it can also breed self-righteousness and “evangelic startup people preaching that their companies are something like the Mecca.”

Venture Village‘s online survey included more than 150 startup employees who all had similar responses when asked about their work experiences. The participants came from a variety of departments while the highest participation came from marketing, business development and engineering.

Take a look at the infographic put together by Venture Village and let us know what your pros and cons are of working at a startup:

Pros-and-cons-of-working-at-a-startup-650 width

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Infographic via Venture Village



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