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Learn the secrets of crowdfunding success with ‘The People of Kickstarter’

Have you ever wondered what the secret recipe to success is with popular Kickstarter projects? In an effort to tell the stories of the most successful crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter, entrepreneur Andrew Gale is currently raising funds for a book titled The People of Kickstarter .

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The book features ten popular products from successful Kickstarter campaigns, such as the Pebble smartwatch which managed to raise more than US$10-million through its campaign. Ever since the cash and publicity injection was found via Kickstarter, it has become a popular piece of tech that is sold in stores across the United States.

Since the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter was popularized back in 2012, it managed to raise the bar for an innovative alternative for gaining financial backing as well as digital marketing. Kickstarter is definitely where microfinancing peaked, but it also set off a popular trend.

Andrew Gale says that the sole purpose of this book is to inspire other people. “It shows that it’s possible for anyone to create their own idea and move forward with their dreams.” Apart from having an idea, how do you set that in motion? How do you make it work for you? Anyone can have an idea, it’s how you use it that matters in the end.

Some of the other projects featured in The People of Kickstarter are the Virtuix Omni and SmartThings which both raised more than US$1-million. The book’s stories range from a struggling founder who tried idea after idea for nine years and never gave up, to the intelligent engineers that just wanted to make something awesome. Every product has a founder, and every founder has a unique story that puts them in the position they are in.

Questions range from what they were doing before the campaign, and ends with some golden nuggets of wisdom for people who want to start their own campaigns.

The project started on 23 September and will end on 1 November. So far (at the time of writing) the project has managed to raise about US$700 out of an ultimate goal of US$10 000.

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