Tech4Africa to showcase latest mobile, web and emerging technologies


Tech4Africa is an annual event that’s said to be the premier mobile, web & emerging technology conference, bringing global perspective to the African context. The event aims to introduce, inform and inspire attendees by focusing on topics ranging from mobile, tech startups and other innovative tech.

Content and topics of discussion will range from a variety of current trends and emerging technologies in Africa and abroad. These topics will include mobile development, mobile money and new databases like MongoDB.

IBM’s second event for startups in South Africa will also be introduced. IBM SmartCamp for startups and entrepreneurs will help businesses grow and give them access to experts and technology to enable them to get their products to market faster.

As Business Day Live points out the IBM’s SmartCamp initiative is a US$150m investment fund aimed at startups that are privately held, have been in business for no more than five years and are developing a software-based product or service.

Seeing that mobile technology is one of the key drivers in Africa today, Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has announced becoming one of the key sponsors for this year’s Tech4Africa.

Furthermore, African eCommerce, cloud computing and programming technologies like Scala and Clojure will also be discussed while introducing hacking sessions.

The popular beer drone from Oppikoppi and Richard van As’ Robbohand– the open source mechanical hands, will also take the stage while trending topics such as 3D-printing will be explored. The full schedule can be found here.

Tech4Africa is taking place 9-10 October in Johannesburg and will be featuring over 64 sessions that will include both international and local speakers, workshops and in-depth sessions. Some of the notable international speakers include PayPal’s Malvina Goldfeld from Israel and Petra Cross of Google.



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