Gust Pay launches Rocking the Daisies app, showcases NFC wristband tech

Gust Pay app

Can’t find your car or tent at the festival? Just one of the many inconveniences mobile payments startup Gust Pay wants to sort out. The company launched its Rocking the Daisies festival app recently in order to simplify and modify your festival experience. The startup will furthermore showcase its NFC wristband technology to improve things like payments and access control.

The app takes advantage of advanced navigation smartphone features and sensors to guide over 16 000 people rocking out at Daisies music festival to be held from 3-6 October. The Daisies app lets you build your own custom schedule. It includes all the important GPS coordinates and lets you navigate using a 2D map and augmented reality view (on iOS).

The Daisies 2013 app was built by Gust Pay in partnership with Red Bull Mobile and designed by Seed Experiences. It’s available for BlackBerry, Android and iOS.

Gust Pay will also be showcasing its NFC wristband technology this weekend which means that people (at this stage only media and competition winners) can pay with their smartphones or wristbands. Pretty cool right?

Gust Pay’s Event Intelligence product offers cashless payment solutions to the events industry and includes ticket sales, access control, brand interactions and more recently, mobile festival guide design and development.

Joe Botha, one of the founders of Gust Pay, further notes that the cost and risk of relying on cash payments are high. We all know that however wonderful those ATM machines are at festivals, no one likes standing in a queue.

“Using cash at events is risky and it’s a frustrating experience for customers to run out of money at these big events. Nobody wants to return from a three day festival having to deal with the admin of having a phone, wallet or credit card lost or stolen.”

Gust Pay’s Event Intelligence product won the company the best South African startup award at Seedstars World recently. The concept is to let you pay with a wristband while everything is managed from your phone.

Jacques Coetzee: Staff Reporter


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