Nigerian online marketplace Kaymu expands to Morocco and Ghana


Part of Africa Internet Holding, Nigerian online shopping marketplace Kaymu recently announced that it’s launching its service in two new markets. By opening up to both Morocco and Ghana, the startup aims to connect more buyers and sellers in a more convenient and productive way.

Kaymu offers an online market service which enables businesses and individuals to sell items at no additional cost. Customers on the other hand have access to a large selection of products including electronics, gadgets, books, cars and fashion accessories.

This platform gives merchants the ability to own an online shop where they can sell their products. Kaymu is based on action and a fixed price system that aims to meet the needs of each seller and to give personal experiences to each buyer. Customers now have access to a greater variety while sellers have access to a much larger consumer base.

While internet penetration continues to grow in Nigeria and the continent, new ventures such as Kaymu continue to grow and meet the demands of a massive market more adequately and efficiently.

Jeremy Hodara, co-CEO Africa Internet Holding says: “We are very proud to be able to expand our business within Africa and come to Morocco and Ghana. The online marketplace services are growing tremendously fast and we are confident to take our brand to a new level and continue a fast development of Kaymu in Africa.”

After receiving seed funding from Rocket Internet early this year, Kaymu launched in Nigeria and Pakistan in the winter of 2013 and has in less than 9 months grown from 10 to over 60 employees. The company further notes that the website has quickly become the go-to site for buyers and sellers to trade online in each country.

Sacha Poignonnec, co-CEO Africa Internet Holding: “Kaymu has already exceptional success in both Nigeria and Pakistan by a clear focus on market leadership. With the launch of Morocco and Ghana, there are no limits of how far we can take this brand. There are many more countries to come for Kaymu.”

Jacques Coetzee: Staff Reporter


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