SureThing launches online gadget insurance in SA for portable devices

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SureThing is South Africa’s newest insurance company, covering all things portable and electronic, and it’s all done online. The ‘online gadget insurance solution’ covers precious personal items like your cellphone, tablet, laptop, e-reader or game console, reportedly from just R70 per month.

The company was founded by Richard Neville, an insurance entrepreneur, who noticed a gap in the insurance market for portable electronic items and designed SureThing as a cost-effective and quick service for the youth of South Africa.

“Historically, portable gadgets were only included on insurance policies if you owned your own home. SureThing is an easy online insurance solution for everyone who owns a cellphone,” says Neville.

Knowing how expensive portable electronic devices are, Neville feels that SureThing provides a way to empower young people to “take responsibility for these items.”

So how does it work?

  • You go to the SureThing website
  • Select the type and make of device you want to insure
  • Revise the quoted premium and excess
  • Add any additional devices you want to insure (this is optional)
  • Fill in your details, accept T&Cs, and submit
  • An email or SMS will confirm the details of your cover
  • You are now covered

SureThing is a representative of Forsyth & Nash Insurance Brokers, an authorised financial services provider. Rates are naturally determined for each item, but the FAQ does state that items carried around will have a higher rate than those that stay in a house because such items are a greater risk. There is also a 30 days’ notice of cancellation on insurance policies.



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