Konga’s new ‘revolutionary’ Marketplace invites all small players online

Konga Christmas

Last year Nigerian online retailer Konga debuted the online storefront Konga Mall which gave certain businesses the opportunity to have their products available online. Today, the company is announcing Konga Marketplace which is said to “revolutionise” the local trade industry by inviting all business owners online, big or small.

Set to launch in the coming weeks, Konga’s updated Marketplace will cater not only for the big retailers, but also the small local players from the market traders and designer to the farmers. This endeavour will give the country’s many offline businesses, salesmen and entrepreneurs a storefront in the cloud and the ability to scale and expand their services.

The Konga Marketplace also introduces “novel platform security measures and guarantees that ensure buyer and seller are protected and rewarded for participating.”

Konga Marketplace

The Konga Marketplace is said to drive the adoption of ecommerce by offering a service that’s as convenient for the seller as it is attractive to the buyer. Konga hopes its latest offering will further boost employment, trade and overall development in Nigeria.

The company remains extremely optimistic about the future of ecommerce in Nigeria and, through the Konga Marketplace, will provide the tools, awareness and security for entrepreneurs and businesses across the country who want to reap the benefits of having a business online.

Konga CEO Sim Shagaya says that he wants to build a platform that can put all Nigerian businesses online:

“About a year ago, we realised that for our services to be really valuable to society, we had to build a platform for anyone, not just Konga, to sell and prosper. We launched this platform to a limited number of sellers and in that time, we have learned how to build a truly revolutionary Nigerian online marketplace.”

Shagaya further invites all Nigerian businesses, big and small, to sign up to Konga Marketplace. As mentioned above, the service will open its doors in the coming weeks though businesses can pre-register here.

Jacques Coetzee: Staff Reporter


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