SSX: ‘The evolution of crowdfunding’ for startups [Video]

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Crowdfunding has become something of a phenomenon in the last few years. Key players like Kickstarter have facilitated products and projects coming to life that otherwise would never have seen the light of day.

Yet when it comes to crowdfunding startups it becomes a lot trickier — for example how liquid is your investment, or moreover, how secure is it?

The Startup Stock Exchange (SSX), headquartered in Curaçao, believes that it is the marketplace to handle these issues, combining the benefits of crowdfunding with the “liquidity, security, and oversight of a regulated securities exchange.” The marketplace believes so strongly in its service that it is dubbing itself: “The Evolution of Crowdfunding.”

How is SSX doing this:

  • Liquidity: investors can buy and sell shares on a 24×7 global marketplace.
  • Company Reporting: Investors receive regular updates about the company once they have made an investment.
  • Global marketplace: investors from all over the world can invest with global companies with no minimum investment.
  • Ongoing Oversight: Companies are supervised, mentored and advised post funding thanks to the SSX network which spans over 20 countries.
  • Security: includes investor verification, company vetting, due diligence, government regulation and anti-money laundering.
  • Control: Investors can manage their investments through personal trading accounts, with a low cost to entry.

Having launched in June 2013, the crux of SSX’s offering is two-fold: startups receive ongoing mentorship and advice (thus theoretically upping their value), while investors have access to investment opportunities at a low cost to entry. The marketplace enables just about anyone to become an Angel investor.



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