Carmudi boasts record figures with more than 10 000 cars listed


Online vehicle marketplace officially launched under the name Carmudi Nigeria October last year with the hopes of becoming the region’s largest online car retailer. With current indicators of both the relevant industry as well as the site itself showing impressive figures of growth, this Rocket Internet-backed venture seems to be on the right road to success.

The car marketplace recently announced that it had reached a 10 000 vehicle listing milestone and is seeing more than 62 000 unique site visitors every month. Carmudi Nigeria suspects that this rapid growth is partly due to the traction gained from ecommerce and classifieds due to Nigeria’s 50 million citizens online.

Noting that there’s an existing air of distrust in Nigeria’s online industry, “We’ve been able to simplify the process of buying cars online and we have brought more trust to the business, which was absent in the market as we give dealers the needed visibility that they need to sell their cars and motorcycles,” says Karl-Johan Sturesson, Co-founder and Managing Director of Carmudi West Africa. He further stresses that the popularity also goes hand-in-hand with the community’s positive feedback:

“We believe that the continued increase of listings and the positive feedback we are getting from our clients confirms that we are on the right way to reach our goal of becoming Nigeria’s largest online vehicle marketplace. We will build on that and continue to deliver the new best practice in quality listings, zero fraud, pro-active customer service and a premium offering.”

As we’ve previously pointed out, the company has managed to find a sweet spot as Nigeria’s motor industry changes shape.

To put in in perspective, Carmudi Nigeria has only been in the loop for a few months now and, as TechCabal noted, its three-year-old competitor Cheki boasts more than 20,000 car listed on the site.

Rocket Internet’s Carmudi market is estimated at 700-million people spread across Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar. Carmudi Nigeria has since proved to be the most popular site of all Rocket Internet’s regional alternatives.



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