iLearn offers new online adaptive training platform for businesses


We all know there’s a lot of hype and hope concerning innovative elearning applications for African school students and abroad but what about online learning solutions for businesses? South African IT training provider iLearn provides businesses with both on-site and online IT training solutions. The company has been around since 2001 and has now recently introduced the popular elearning platform UpsideLMS to be included in its offering to help organisations manage their own blended learning.

iLearn offers online and on-site courses such as Business Skills, Design & Media, Microsoft Online Office and many more. To further its vision of helping customers increase their productivity and profitability, its latest product, UpsideLMS, aims to help other companies create their own learning courses, adapting it to their individual needs and interests.

With UpsideLMS for instance, companies are given the ability to assign and deliver relative courses, videos, assignments, and the opportunity to manage training scheduling.

From small to big, the Upside Learning Management System is designed to be flexible, scalable and able to support the needs of any growing business. The system is also said to be highly configurable and can be set up for a user base which helps users to manage clients or departments from the same setup. Users have the option to take advantage of over 160 available features.

Richard Rayne, Managing Director at iLearn, says, “This system can be used to create a comprehensive training program with elearning, classroom based training and virtual classroom modules based on learner profiles and locations, context of the training and core business objectives.”

“In considering this system and its availability to our market, we took into account the various modules available and that these could be used individually depending on user requirements. For example, the social networking module was integrated as a functional tool to take learning beyond the traditional parameter,” Rayne continued.

“UpsideLMS allows the user to generate elearning courses that are compliant with SCORM or Sharable Content Object Reference Model. This is a collection of standards and specifications for web-based elearning and reflects the maturity and global standing of this offering,” concludes Rayne.

Jacques Coetzee: Staff Reporter


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