Konga, Lenovo collaborate to bring ecommerce into Nigerian mainstream


Lenovo and Konga have teamed up in Nigeria to increase online shopping education through the radio. Lenovo, one of the world’s largest computer manufacturing companies, is using the ecommerce platform to bring exclusive deals to Nigerians. Kongo meanwhile claims it is benefiting via increased traffic and a push for more Nigerians to shop online.

Currently the Nigerian ecommerce market is on the rise, but it needs more education and accessibly to flourish. By launching a weekly radio spot to better inform Nigerians, Konga and Lenovo say they hope to capatalise on this trend.

The program will feature on Dusnumberries, a radio show on Cool Fm. Each week, the show will hand out shopping vouchers and exclusive discounts on Konga.com, while engaging listeners in information games and tips for online shopping success.

As a partner, Lenovo is launching a new range of devices for the Nigerian market. The novel smartphones and tablets will run on the Android platform, and come in intriguing colours and affordable prices. Specifically, Lenovo will be featuring the S650 phone and A516 phone, both available on Konga.

Synergy between Lenovo and Konga is a smart move in the current Nigerian mobile market. According to a recent MEF survey, the majority of mobile enterprises in Nigeria expect growth in excess of 15% in the year to come. The study also noted greater consumer education and access as being key points to ensuring this market growth.

The partnership between Lenovo and Konga will ensure greater accessibility to the market while further developing ecommerce in Nigeria.

Marguerite Heyns


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