Nomanini takes its mobile prepaid POS device to Mozambique

nomanini mozambique POS

Nomanini, the electronic voucher distribution platform, has announced the expansion of its Southern Africa operations thanks to a new partnership with a distributor of mobile prepaid in Mozambique.

The move continues the company’s mission to faciliate cash-based transactions in informal markets and “fostering inclusion for the unbanked and underbanked majority,” which the company has achieved thanks to its small orange POS device (green in Mozambique) that can facilitate a range of prepaid transactions from distributing airtime to taking mobile money.

“Nomanini is pleased with the validation of our platform as a general payment platform applicable in multiple countries,” notes Chief Commercial Officer Kuda Mushambi. He adds that the company is looking forward to continuing expansion across Africa and beyond, “…into varied verticals such as electronic mobile money terminals, vending for prepaid electricity and cash collection for micro-loans.”

After a small-scale pilot in Maputo, the local partners found the Nomanini terminal and cloud-based platform a great fit thanks to the rugged design, long battery life and speed of service which allowed vendors to sell mobile airtime in taxis, trains and on the streets.

“We are thrilled to find partners in Mozambique. Their management team has decades of experience in prepaid distribution collectively.” said Nomanini CEO Vahid Monadjem.

Despite the mobile money solutions’ space heating up over the last few years, Nomanini believes that it operates at the “intersection of cash-based transactions in informal markets and cloud-based platforms for enterprises,” helping it scale quicker than competitors.

Cash-based transactions still reign king in the emerging markets and Nomanini configures its platform to suit local conditions across a number of different verticals. In this light the platform can be used for anything from airtime to electricity to microloans and insurance premiums.

Perhaps most importantly though, Nomanini’s solution provides an avenue for individuals to earn extra income, and gives the unbanked and underbanked access to mobile and financial services.

The long-term vision is said to have several thousand terminals across Mozambique providing consumers access to mobile prepaid.

Nomanini also recently signed deals with partners in Nigeria and Ghana, and is in talks with potential partners in Namibia, Guinea, Morocco and Zambia.



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