Woelab’s e-waste 3D printer to star on Hangouts On Air Series

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Aspirations, when mated to seemingly wasted resources and achievable goals, usually births a brilliant creation. Woelab Industries, a startup in Togo, has mastered this formula by building the “first 3D printer from recycled electronic waste.”

3D printing, or Additive Manufacturing, is a rapidly evolving technology, allowing simple production of objects that would otherwise take a considerable amount of resources. The benefits for the African continent are extensive, but the technology is not readily available or affordable for those underprivileged.

Woelab Industries has found solutions to those two problems with one innovative invention. Their US$200 3D printer, presented at the NYC 3D Printshow in February, is made entirely of unwanted electronic waste discarded in dumps. By utilising these freely available components, Woelab has solved the ever-growing problem of waste disposal while rendering 3D printing technology more affordable.

To discuss their feat, Woelab will be partnering with NASA, Made In Space, My Africa Is and other 3D printing innovators to present a Google+ Hangouts On Air series entitled “Pioneers in 3D Printing: Building Better Globally and Beyond.”

The first episode will discuss 3D printing in space, and the impact 3D printing will have on the space-manufacturing industry.

The second episode’s perspective will fall on 3D printing initiatives and impacts in Africa. The primary discussion will “focus on how technology is being put in the hands of everyday citizens, and are changing their roles from consumers to creators,” states My Africa Is’ press release.

Additionally, it will “highlight how this innovation will affect the importation business in Africa, and consumers worldwide,” it added.

The Hangout will feature Dodji Koffi Honou and Sename Koffi Agboginou of Woelab, joined by Michael Chen, CSO of Made in Space and Nosa Garrick of My Africa Is.

Google+ will be live streaming the Hangouts on Air series over the coming days. The two episodes will broadcast on Wednesday, 30 April at 12pm EST (8am GMT), and Thursday 1 May at 10am EST (6am GMT), respectively.

Andy Walker


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