Send a tweet and get grilled cheese sandwiches delivered to your face

Grilled Cheese Flickr

Grilled Cheese Flickr

Have you ever glanced up from your computer screen while the sun was rising to the midpoint in the sky, felt your stomach complain in grumbles and wondered where you could find sustenance? Turns out it’s pretty easy — you just hit Twitter.

A new pop-up take away service Trojan horse for a tech startup called the Grilled Cheese Club is here to make it all better. Launched today, the Club promises to faithfully deliver helpings of toasted cheesy goodness to your desk / couch if you live or work in the suburb of Woodstock in Cape Town’s CBD.

It’s a simple process: you tweet in your order along with your address before the 11am cut-off, and hand over your cash when the delivery arrives in your vicinity. If you’re not one for physical money, you can also use super smart South African smartphone payment app SnapScan to debit the cash directly from your bank card.

Although the sandwiches are going for a pretty steep R37 each, the Club says they are “dusted with the gold flakes of convenience”.

It’s just a one-page website and a clever social media account at this stage, but the Grilled Cheese Club is gaining some serious attention from Twitter users in the Woodstock area, which is home to numerous digital agencies and tech startups. It seems to be the brain child of entrepreneur Simon Hartley, although we have yet to discover if this is his next great venture or a delicious side-project.

We have requested a review sandwich and will update this story further.


According to Hartley, the Grilled Cheese Club is an experiment for a potential on-demand food delivery startup. Day one of testing seems to have gone well — he managed to single-handedly deliver 27 grilled cheese sandwiches in one hour in a tuktuk. We even got one:

Image: Renée Suen via Flickr.



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