Meet SpaceWays, Rocket Internet’s latest startup for all your on-demand storage needs


The massively popular international tech startup incubator, Rocket Internet, has just dropped a new name onto its list of world-hungry startups, called ShapeWays. SpaceWays is an on-demand storage service that recently launched in London, UK.

Rocket Internet says that SpaceWays is perfect for anyone in need of more space — cheaply and conveniently. For instance, students wanting to store their belongings while on exchange abroad, or people keen to store there winter wardrobe. Moreover, it’s looking to get into the business storage space as well.

For £6 per month (around US$10), SpaceWays provides customers with a large heavy-duty box and a free pick-up service that eliminates the hassle of bringing items to a remote self-storage location.

The reason it launched in London first is due to the fact that it’s one of Europe’s most densely populated cities, meaning that the demand for property is sky high. It’s simple, the world has too many people with too much stuff.

With a focus on the world’s developing market, the German incubator is well-known for its tech startups’ fast expansion rate, with notable ones like the fashion outfit Zalando, real-estate site Lamudi, ecommerce startup Jumia, and Hellofood which does food-delivery. If given a hint of success, it’s likely we’ll see this startup expand to the rest of the globe soon.

According to the press release, a study found that 57% of people surveyed in London felt there was not enough storage space in their homes. SpaceWays thus aims to provide a highly flexible and innovative storage solution to London’s residents and even SMEs that lack space.

Co-founder David Fuchs elaborates on the reasoning behind the startup, “Given that the UK storage industry has been consistently growing, with over £385m traded last year, we believe there is huge growth potential for SpaceWays and the service we offer. Via our on-demand storage service people can free up valuable space in their homes without the inconvenience of bringing stuff to a remote storage location.”



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