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Stately is SA’s online shop for all your curated décor needs

Stately is an online shopping service that curates products for lifestyle estate residents in South Africa. After having launched a new site, it also carries a bunch of fancy features such as a concierge service, home exchange, and a premium pre-owned luxury goods authentication service, to make the buyer feel more at home.

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By riding on the belief that the ecommerce landscape can easily become overwhelming, Stately hopes to feature the best in local design. To better the shopping experience, each user is also assigned a personal account manager to field questions and offer service support throughout the process. It even offers limited edition wine from the most highly acclaimed wine estates in South Africa.

The company says it’s hoping to capitalise on the fact that people who live in exclusive lifestyle estates “aren’t most people”.

“You live where you live because you like where you live,” the site says. “And you buy what buy because you want what you buy. You should be able to shop how you want, without the risk of a confusing purchase experience, or a hit-or-miss delivery”.

Its categories range from home décor, art, social outreach, fashion, wellness and furniture, and aims to offer the best of South African fashion and home ware from designers and artists.

“We find it important to know where things come from, and under what conditions they are made. We strive to represent the origin of our products as transparently as possible,” the site reads.

“We are committed to sustainable principles when it comes to the use of materials. Our suppliers choose recycled, reusable or sustainably produced products, packaging and printing wherever possible,” Stately says.

In addition to personal purchases, Stately also offers you the option to purchase useful items for carefully vetted South African NGOs and charities, bringing structure and measurability to your charitable giving.

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