Online booking startup ClickBus gets $10-million in funding


Online booking startup ClickBus has announced that it’s just received US$10-million from Latin America Internet Group, Tengelmann Ventures, Holtzbrinck Ventures and Rocket Internet. The company will now use the funds to further strengthen its existing markets.

Fernando Prado, Global co-CEO and co-founder of ClickBus shares his vision of revolutionising the bus industries in emerging markets:

“The company’s objective is to empower the bus travelling industry across the globe by migrating to the online world an industry used to offline sales. By allowing passengers to compare and buy bus tickets online, ClickBus is going to follow the airline example and eventually transition the bulk of sales to the internet.”

The funding will help ClickBus empower its position in the seven countries it currently operates in, more specifically by focusing on the mobile space. It’s currently operating in Turkey, Pakistan, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Poland and Thailand.

“The new round of funding will also allow us to tackle further markets, which are mostly in the offline realm. Our goal is to move into exactly these markets to enforce the shift from offline to online in the bus industry,” Cesário Martins, Global co-CEO and co-founder of ClickBus.

ClickBus has over 180 partner bus companies, offering trips to over 8 000 destinations. ClickBus has helped more than 400 000 people with their bus travel needs globally.



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