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Piing app uses Bluetooth so that retailers can engage better with customers

South African tech company, Beaconeye, recently announced a new app, called Piing, that is aiming to revolutionise the way retailers can communicate with their customers indoors by using Bluetooth proximity technology.

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For instance, when merchants sign up for the app, they’ll be able to send welcome messages or special offers as customers walk past. Though available as a stand-alone application, Piing can furthermore be integrated with existing brands’ apps.

As discussed in the recent press release, the app makes use of some gamification elements to encourage customers to participate further with the app and with the retailers. Shoppers can, for instance, receive points by simply walking into the store and passing products with beacons connected to them.

The Piing technology can also be integrated into existing retailers’ and brands’ apps.

Explaining the investment into the app, Geran De Klerk, partner at Beaconeye, says that the technology has opened up a whole new level of engagement and marketing for retailers abroad with stores like Macy’s, Target, Best Buy and American Eagle in the US, and House of Fraser in the UK already making use of it.

De Klerk further adds:

“We’ve all used shopping/couponing apps before. That’s good, but it usually isn’t long before the app is either forgotten or just completely deleted from the phone. When the first talk of Beacons came about, it was exciting because now the user doesn’t have to remember they have an app. The app does all the work for you,” he explained.

Piing is looking to be one of the first SA based applications to make use of this technology, allowing local retailers and brands of all sizes to operate in a similar fashion to leading retailers internationally.

Currently in test phase, the iOS app will be rolling out throughout September with an Android version in the pipeline.

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