5 savvy podcasts you should listen while building a winning startup


It’s holiday time (for most of you at least), which means that you should sit back, relax and let advice and conversations seep into your subconscious. Which is why we’ve rounded up a bunch of inspiring, insightful, and just plain entertaining podcasts for you to follow. While not all of them will give the popular Serial audio series a run for its money, they are all pretty damn awesome.


Serial entrepreneur Jason Calacanis gives you a weekly low-down on what’s hot and happening in the world of startups. With a strong experience, Calacanis shares his tips and trends about the life of an entrepreneur.

One of the things that makes this audio channel stand-out is its enormity. The above show is the 500th edition and features James Beshara, co-founder of social crowdfunding play Tilt. Give it a whirl!

Hashtag Radio

Hashtag Radio

While not an episodic podcast per se, the online radio channel dives into the the life of businesses in Africa. Hashtag Radio sees itself as the launchpad for entrepreneurs, SMEs and events. Better yet, in between interviews, thoughtful chats and so on there’ll be a couple of nice songs to give yourself a rest.


A dash of local flavour, Richard Oakley and Stephen Ballot presents a weekly podcast featuring guests from the Cape Town startup industry. In the above show, the presenters chat to the local mobile payment startup SnapScan co-founder Kobus Ehlers.

What gives o42t the edge, is that the format is conversational and refreshingly not too politically correct. But above all else, it’s relevant and smart. They really get to the nit and grit of things tech startup.

StartUp Podcast

Don’t let the minimalist title fool you. This show run by renowed radio personality Alex Blumberg records the step-by-step journey of building a company from scratch.

Weekly Roundup

Sit back and relax with a weekly round-up of Burn Media’s tech news. We not only discuss startups and leave ample room for cars, gadgets, social media and many more interesting happenings at the time.

Come on, meet the people behind the words!

Let us know which are your favorite, and which ones we’ve left out.

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Jacques Coetzee: Staff Reporter


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