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30 useful tools for efficient management of your ecommerce startup

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Ecommerce startups face many challenges while managing their business operations. They have to work with a limited number of personnel and a limited budget. They face difficulty in convincing people to buy their products. These businesses have to compete unfavourably against their better placed and more resourceful competitors. Shipping costs, taxation, invoicing, inventory management and effective customer support are some of their prime concerns, though there can be many other issues to deal with.

But they can still pull off things if they use the right tools. These will enable them to efficiently manage their operations, processes and activities and be on top of them. So the going will be much smoother for them.

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Listed below are 30 useful tools in their respective categories that can help ecommerce startups perform better:

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Online Ecommerce Store Builder


Startups can easily, quickly set up their online store with this ecommerce website solution. Its apps help to improve their stores’ functionality.


Magento ecommerce platform enables large and fast growing businesses to flexibly manage their content. They can enhance the looks, functionality of their ecommerce store.


This WordPress ecommerce plugin allows businesses to sell a variety of products online. They are able to set up their own online store. Businesses can better handle their inventory, shipping, marketing and taxation functions.

Online Project Management Software


A simple project management tool which enables enhanced planning, organization, collaboration and management in projects.


With this project management software, proper scheduling of tasks can be achieved by collecting, analyzing their realistic time estimates for completion. Collaboration, time tracking and reporting are its notable features.


This project management tool improves collaboration, communication among team members working together in projects. They can create their own workspaces through apps, share files and properly manage their tasks.

Video Hosting Website


Businesses can use Youtube, the most popular video hosting website for disseminating content among users. They can highlighting their brands, products by uploading and sharing videos.


Vimeo is the best video hosting website for putting up professional, high quality videos. Its videos are larger, cleaner and free of any ads. It improves users’ viewing experience.


Businesses can better market themselves by sharing their videos on this video hosting site. Thus they can improve viewers’ engagement and responsiveness. Businesses can accurately measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

Accounting and Billing Management Software


Accounting can be done easily with Freshbooks, a time tracking and billing software. It is useful for creating invoices fast, flexible billing, time tracking and expense monitoring.


QuickBooks organises all the business and financial information at one place. So businesses can make better decisions. They can track expenses, sales and perform invoicing, billing and bookkeeping.


This online accounting software lets businesses create invoices and schedule payment of their bills. It facilitates team collaboration over finances.

Email Marketing Software


With this email marketing software, businesses can uniquely design their emails and send them as scheduled to their subscribers in their marketing campaigns. They can track their sales and website activity through reports.


Aweber enables businesses to quickly send email newsletters to subscribers for marketing purposes. Analytics help to analyze subscribers’ response and success of marketing campaigns.

Campaign Monitor

CampaignMonitor grants businesses the ability to design beautiful emails in a flexible, rapid manner and well execute their email marketing campaigns.

Social Media Management Software


Businesses can appropriately manage their social networks with HootSuite. They can schedule messages and monitor audience engagement. Success in a business’s social media efforts can be measured through analytics, so these can be improved further.


TweetDeck, a robust Twitter tool enables improved organization, engagement and real time tracking. It helps to monitor multiple timelines, schedule tweets for future posting and filter searches.


Buffer allows businesses to post content on social media in an easy and scheduled manner. This reduces time spent on social media, boosts site traffic and improves user engagement.

Customer Relationship Management Software


With Salesforce, businesses can better manage their sales, marketing and customer service related concerns. They can know more about their customers, their behaviors and analyze them minutely. So they can better serve their clients and customers.

Base CRM

This enterprising solution enables businesses to better manage their sales, customers and track their leads. Reports help them to find any inconsistencies in their sales team’s workflow and rectify them for increased gains.


Businesses can flexibly manage their contacts with Highrise. They can track conversations held with various people and categorize contacts into different groups.

Bug and Issue Tracking Software


With Bugzilla, developers can track bugs and resolve them through team collaboration. It improves organization, communication in software development projects, so these can be successfully executed.


Exceptional, a bug tracking software is useful for issue tracking, error handling and exceptional handling. So these anomalies can be fixed quickly.


Bugify helps to track issues and manage them in a simple manner.

Web Analytics

Google Analytics

A business can use Google Analytics for tracking its marketing campaigns and measure their effectiveness. It can know from which sources traffic is coming to its site and how users are interacting on the site. This helps it to further improve its marketing strategy and campaigns.


KISSmetrics collects real data about website visitors and prospects. So businesses can identify bottlenecks in their marketing campaigns and correct them accordingly for improved conversion rates.


Clicky gives real time data about website visitors. This enables a business to properly study visitors coming to its site and know how they are acting, responding to its goals. So it can fine tune its marketing campaigns for improved response.

A/B Testing Software


Optimizely allows businesses to flexibly test the changes they want to bring in their website and understand how users are responding to them. So they can know which changes to opt for improved engagement and conversions.

Visual Website Optimizer

With Visual Website Optimizer, businesses can create multiple variations of their website and know which of them are improving user engagement and responsiveness. Thus they can plan their marketing campaigns accordingly.


This tool enables businesses to quickly build, publish and test variations of a mobile responsive landing page. So it can be known which variation is able to hold users’ interest and improve the conversion rate.

These tools will enable businesses to function in a smooth, productive manner and grant them various benefits. So they can grow and develop more.

Featured image: FirmBee via Pixabay

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