Health tech startup CenHealth launches to put your medical records in the cloud

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A new health tech startup, called CenHealth, has opened its doors to Johannesburg, South Africa with a mission to put your medical information online.

The company is behind it is calling the system the “most advanced” Personal Health Record system in the country. What this system essentially does is it provides an online platform where you can create an electronic version of your health records. You can store information ranging from your weight and height, to your allergies and keep a health diary of all your doctor’s appointments.

Why is this so important? Well, the company argues that until now, people had no real control of their health records — all the information is handled by various healthcare professionals.

With CenHealth’s system you (and your doctors) can access your health records 24/7 while you’re traveling or changing practitioners.

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“Today, we are able to generate data about our bodies and our lives, through devices such as health trackers and mobile health devices,” the company explains.

As it stands, the system enables you to input basic information about yourself manually. This includes things like your weight, age, sex and so on. In the near future, however, the company is planning on adding automated syncronisation with wearable devices like the Jawbone fitness tracker as well as Ihealth’s suite of monitors, scales and glucometers.

“CenHealth allows you to keep this information in your record, so that you can use it in conjunction with visits to your doctor. CenHealth also reduces pressure off the health system, by reducing the time to check in with your doctor, helping you adhere to medications and appointments with reminders and allowing you to monitor your health,” the company says.

The system is linked with the CenHealth Med app which is meant for registered medical practitioners. This enables practitioners to access vital medical information in times of crises.



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