The African Startup is the latest podcast to explore the continent’s entrepreneurial scene

The African Startup

Startups can be fickle yet disruptive things. The line between those two is thin and so, getting to grips with one can be hard. Especially in Africa where that “recipe for success” is still being experimented with and so much are yet to be explored. Thankfully though, today there are many podcasts out there that can help shed light on some of the trends and lessons learned.

For some reason startups and podcasts just seem to go together these days.

A weekly audio show focusing exclusively on the happenings of Africa’s startup scene has been launched by former Burn Media managing editor Michelle Atagana, who’s now heading the communications and public affairs for Google SA.

Atagana has a self-proclaimed tech and startup obsession and just can’t seem to get enough of the startup ecosystem. That’s why she is now using her free time to channel her passion through a podcast called The African Startup.

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“I think African startup scene is poised for great things,” Atagana reassures us. “There are some fantastic entrepreneurs here and they have some really good ideas in terms of solving the problems that really need solving.”

The second edition of ten, this latest episode below looks at what it means to be an entrepreneur in Africa. Atagana then also chats about some of the common challenges there are and how we can try and get through them.

“If we think about the current socio-economic climate on this continent we have to ask ourselves, who will solve our major problems? Not government that is for sure. But that’s okay because societies shouldn’t be too reliant on their governments,” Atagana argues. “So it is up to the entrepreneurs. that’s a lot of pressure, I know.”

Jacques Coetzee: Staff Reporter


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