Rocket Internet launches Everjobs career portal, to target Africa, Asia


It’s only been a matter of time before Rocket Internet got onto the online jobs classifieds space.

And so, the German startup factory has today announced the launch of a new online jobs portal called Everjobs. Initially, the startup will set up shop in Sri Lanka after which it plans to target the fast-growing African and Asian markets.

Everjobs was born out of Myanmanr’s, which is said to be the number one site for job seekers in the country.

Co-founder Ronald Schuurs said, “We see an immense opportunity to create a convenient job portal for economies on the rise in Asia and Africa. Everjobs challenges the status quo in these countries for job seekers as well as employers. We believe that every individual has a unique set of skills and personality. All it takes is the right match for them to flourish.”

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Everjobs features things like direct messages and standardised CV formats which are hailed for being super convenient and user-friendly. The site provides the right match for job seekers and employers: postings on the website range from small local companies to big international corporations and from student jobs to top level positions.

We’re sure that the site’s functionality won’t be the startup’s only advantage. With a keen eye on emerging markets, Rocket Internet is valued over US$8-billion after which the Berlin-based startup incubator announced its initial public offering. It banks a lot on its startups. It’s food ordering service Food Panda, for example, has banked over US$100-million and operates in 39 countries.

Backed by Rocket Internet, Everjobs can expect to benefit from the network of companies in the Asia Pacific Internet Group and the Africa Internet Group. The groups manage a portfolio of 17 companies across 45 countries.

Schuurs states, “Everjobs will set the standard for job portals in fast growing economies. With a a simple design and a great user experience, we want to simplify the process of finding and offering jobs. Our mission is to enable millions of people to find the right job opportunities in each phase of their professional life.”



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